We are BlackSky – The Life

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This blog is about the inspiration and influences that led to the creation of the Malverines. A mixed of media from James Bond, to Jessie James or even the infamous John Wayne. Riding through this life. All Alone Romanticized Old West At the core of the story of the BlackSky is the romanticized notion of the Wild West. Everything about Wildstar seems to beat with the American dream of the cowboy, the land of the stage coach, and the sing of the miner forty-niners. Truth be...

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January to February

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Hello everyone in the BlackSky Community! Welp, its official. This time next month will mark our official first year as a community! So, um, YAY! That’s really awesome We have been around for a year of not only WildStar Roleplay, and we plan on being around for a while longer *Brofist*. This next year we hope to do more and strive for continued professionalism in our Roleplay. Not only has BlackSky come to be a respectful and fun community; it has come to mean a lot...

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