We are BlackSky – Adult Factor

We are BlackSky – Adult Factor

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What is Adult Content?

To define Adult Content I would say is difficult. To me this means many things and when creating the BlackSky I wanted to impose a level of maturity not only in the members, but also in the types of stories we tell. So to break it down I term our guild as “Adult” for the following reasons.

We tell stories that include:

  • Drugs, Narcotics, and Alcohol
  • Violent and sometimes Gory scenes (torture, beatings etc)
  • Partial Nudity and discussion of adult acts.
  • Foul Language and Graphic Language

To simply put, we are not a guild for children. We are a guild for people above the age of eighteen that are interested in telling stories that would be inappropriate for someone who is not that age. Does this make us an ERP guild? No, we don’t allow graphic content in public. Does this mean we’ll flip out if someone mistells? No. We are a group of mature people; we come here to play the game as friends; this means if someone accidentally spouts out a graphic message in Guild Chat we are more likely to playfully make fun of it and remind them to keep it in private.


Our Influences

Our major influences for story come from Scifi, Modern, and Anime dramas.

  • Firefly – The Golden Heart featured a love scene and often has references to whores, companions, mass killings and other content.
  • Sons of Anarchy – A show about crime and violence and a family making its way. Often includes lots of adult references.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood – References Genocide, racial prejudice, extreme violence, torture and much worse.


We are not a Dark RP Guild

Even with this adult aspect going on we are NOT a Dark Rp guild. The point of being Adult by definition to us is not about sitting around as a pile of criminals and scheming to blow up the world. Its not purely about going to the Saloon and getting a lap dance. No, the point of the adult aspect is to give us a greater sense of how the world can impact our characters. Rolepaly within the Club won’t just be about how the characters change the Club, but also how it changes them. In Dark Rp guilds all you get is darker and darker. Even in Sons of Anarchy there are points where good shines through. Even when the Hormonculi attack in droves in Full Metal Alchemist there are lighter points.


Signature and Dynamic Characters

Like all good dramas and epics, the story of the club will be focused on a few signature characters ; however, these “signature” characters will not just be the guild leader, the officer or members of a specific clique. In fact they will come from all parts of the Club as  a whole, as in the BlackSky everyone will get a chance to share the spotlight. Instead of being a faceless individual every character will not only get a chance to stand out, but will be encouraged to do so. My job as the Guild Leader of the Malverines includes that as our story evolves I will personally be dropping story hooks, devices, and tossing out connections with people in the community. My hope is that as our guild evolves and grows that our members will create a rogues gallery cast mixed with big name heroes and dark villains.


Consequences will matter, with good OOC Communication

Finally, in the Malverines you can be certain that consequences are going to matter. If someone roughs up a serving girl the Club will “rough them” up in a slightly more violent way.  Another thing here is that if our members go out and cause problems in the community we are going to enforce what happens to them. Club member beats up a judge, you can expect us to let them rot in jail or break them out based on who they are. Unlike other guilds in the past the Club is not about being the best bamfiest badass as much as we are interested in telling a good story.

Does this mean we’ll ignore law enforcement? No. If a Judge shows up and has the dirt on a member we’ll play along. If another criminal attacks us for no reason we will take them down. We are a Club, attack a brother you get the entire pride! This reactive nature will only be possible as long as we maintain a strong Out of Character community as well. This is the reason why we will be constantly talking to members and encouraging building relationships out of game. When you are good friends with guy on the other side of the gunfight you are less likely to be a turd to them!


The Saloon

With the recent launch of the Housing video on massively, our plans for our Saloon are taking on a whole new spin. As we build up the Saloon (which will be a member owned plot) we will do our best to invest in making it a community hub! Want a dance? Come to the Saloon? Want to sell some drugs? We’re there? Just want a drink and some kind words, yup!

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