We are BlackSky – The Brotherhood / Sisterhood

We are BlackSky – The Brotherhood / Sisterhood

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Its time for another segment of “We are Malverines”! This week we’ll begin a series of blogs about the evolving concepts of the guild, and the major theme behind the guild “The Brotherhood”.


Hey there Brotha

One the most basic concepts of a gang is the idealism of brotherhood. All members of the gang are brothers and sisters and this is something quite evident in the design of the Malverines. From the get go we are entertaining the idea of not only a brotherhood, but a concept of “The Brotherhood”. What do I mean by adding this ominous sound “THE” before the word? I mean that when it comes to the Malverines you can expect us to treat every member like a brother, like a sister. All of our members (even prospects) are treated with a sense of respect and family.

This is not just evident in the OOC, in the IC we are truly a band of brothers. You fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us!

Now, this concept can seem a bit wish washy or even cliche. I mean most guilds are going to sell you the idea of “We are Brothers!”. So you are probbably wondering, “How is the BlackSky different?” Let me answer that for you.


1. Signature Brothers and Sisters

As I mentioned in the “Adult Factor” post we have this concept of “Signature Characters” that still might be a bit confusing to people. Back in Ashenfold Cartel one of the major selling points of the guild was the concept of “Dynamic RP”. What this can be defined as is the idea that every action of a guildie has an active effect on the guild as a whole. BlackSky will provide something much more than that. Instead of just changing to fit the members, we plan on and have already begun building a story that allows people to affect each other. Everyone in our guild should be invested in having fun and creating great stories with each other.

When you join the BlackSky you are given a direct link to the Club via active Rp and discussion of how to get you in. Because of our smaller size we plan on making inductions into our community about bringing in new members as openly and wholeheartedly as we can. Are we going to hold hands? No. What we will do is bring you in name you Brother and quickly give you a sense of who you can be!

As we have mentioned, the Club will affect members just as a much as they affect it. With our achievement advancement members do not need to worry about gaining rank as they can go out and achieve goals to define their place within the guild from the start. Also because we’ll have ongoing episodic content based around stories built from character interaction of the guild members themselves. So a simple meeting of a prospect int eh bar could see the next episode of the ongoing arch being purely based on something they said. The point being? We want to include members RIGHT from the beginning so that their characters get a sense of importance right away!


2. Episodic Character Influenced Events!

Once you join us and are a member you can expect yourself to become part of an ongoing saga. Your character will be given chances right away to direct the future of the group and also be affected by it. Think of our story like your favorite parts of Full Metal Alchemist. One day we’ll be adventuring around on our bikes fighting back hordes of dominion, and then suddenly a member discovers a secret Eldan artifact. Suddenly we’re whisked away to another zone we’re a series of stories and episodes sees a climax in a change to the Club! The idea here is that we’ll let the natural ongoing Rp of the members themselves be a decided and a foundation for what happens in each episode.

If you haven’t read about our Seasonal Stories, then I suggest you do :3

The primary design of our Seasonal Stories is the idea of an ongoing saga. Like all good dramas our stories will be separated into seasons with a primary growing plot that will then end in a fun resolution! Throughout the story members can feel a sense of natural tension and the drive to discover what is next! They can also take the reins and get a chance to make decisions and actions that can affect others around them!


3.  The Den / Saloon

We’ll have to dedicate an entire series or at least a blog to the Saloon, but at least we can talk a bit about it here. One thing we plan on offering and working right off the bat at launch is the creation of our “Saloon”. Basiclaly, this will be a player house created by an alt that will be dedicated to becoming our guild’s primary open RP hub to the community. Please note that the Sassy Saloon (its working name) is not a place for kids. This will be a place of heavy drinking, bar fights, back room deals and naughtiness! We plan on creating an atmosphere where criminals and drunken Judges alike can join in for a good drink.

The Den will be something entirely different. The Den is the current working name we have for our Warplot. To us the Den is a city of thieves and a place where the Club goes to hold “Church” or decision meetings of the ruling members of the “Table”. Our Warplot will be built up ICly and OOCLy as we plan to wage war against the Domnion and the enemies of the club in PvP :3

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