Changes and Looking to the Future

Changes and Looking to the Future

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It has  been a very interesting week, and a few decisions have been made over the past week. These changes were not a sudden decision, but the result of an ongoing discussion that has been brought up a few times. Each time there were ideas flung about, and brainstorming occurred over the past month. We  have been talking about the idea of organizing Antagonists for the Malverines for quite a while. This idea was born out of the idea of providing some NPCs or PCs for episodic events in our Seasonal Stories. The idea eventually evolved along with our lore into the BrightStar Sovereigns.

From Antagonists to Much More

The original idea of the BrightStar being more than a bunch of antagonists has gone away, now they are one of the BlackSky’s two factions. Yup you heard us we are doing full on factional Rp. What this means is that not only will our story include active story events, but it will include active stories on both sides of the Dominion-Exile conflict. Seems simple enough right? Pretty much! Our story is not inclusive though so you can expect the two factions attempting to find allies in their direct conflict. In a way we hope this encourages cross faction Rp and encourages active Rp of the conflict on Nexus!

When we say that the BrightStar are more than antagonists we mean it, they are a full fledged guild group! This means by launch there will either be an active circle or guild dedicated to them. Both the BSC and BSM (BrightStar Sovereigns, and BlackSky Malverines) will be ran by the staff of the BSC (BlackSky Community). So both sides will get the same quality of story and attention!

Open Alting on Both Sides

Our guild will not be enforcing for now any form of rule preventing alting for both factions. BSC is ONE family and one brotherhood so we do not see a point in letting IC conflict enter the OOC realm of the guild. ICly both sides utterly hate each other (we’ll definitely encourage  attempts to create peace this if people wish), OOCLy as our guild ruels state, things are separate. So once you Join the BSC you can openly join both factions!

Plans for May

Our general plans for the month of May are as follows:

  • We plan on fleshing out and developing the back lore for the Sovereigns. This means we’ll be holding discussions and brainstorming sessions to members get heard!
  • We’ll be working on building our Dominion and Exile factions.
  • We’re going to be upgrading our forums to include new features.
  • We’ll be troubleshooting our site to remove any bugs we might come across.
  • We’ll be building some great stories to set the stage for the opening season of the guild when launch occurs!


Also keep your eyes on our Blog for more information including possible features on Roleplaying and the BSC community at large!

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