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Welcome once again to We are Blacksy, formerly known as We are Malverines!

This particular segment will be about the evolution of the guild from existing solely within the exiles, to becoming something much more. We have not only expanded the back mythos of the story to include a more extensive story on the Reily Clan, but we have also included a more lengthy backstory providing solid reasons why the Sovereigns hunt the Malverines. That aside, a few people have recently come to me showing interest in the Sovereigns, yet are reticent to join because of the dual-faction status we’re holding.


Multiple Groups in a Guild ARE a problem.

I was the leader of Ashenfold Cartel for just over three years, and this is a guild which has multiple groups, and viewpoints always going on within it. This group did not at all straddle the factional divide like BlackSky, but it did teach me a few things about managing multiple groups within an overarching guild community.

  • 1. When you create these groups put strong people in charge! – In Ashenfold one ongoing problem was the personality clashes that occurred because of Sects competing with each other. The autonomy of the group and the leaderships focus on it often led to cliquing. To fix this problem the subgroup in question needs to be managed by someone who wants to support it, but isn’t going to jump off the reservation when it comes to the rest of the guild. This is the reason why only trusted officers and veteran members will be given a chance for now to become managers of the factions.
  • 2. Not separate communities, but parts of the same whole! – AC has really done a good job of fixing this, and its something that we’ll be bringing over for BlackSky. Each Faction is DIRECTLY part of of the Saga of BlackSky. There won’t be one being favored over the other, nor will one get all the awesome story!
  • 3. Base Purpose for each group! – This is a simple idea, each Faction has a base goal and purpose in the story. The Malverines represent freedom and the drive for rebellion. The Sovereigns represent honor and the desire to seek honor. They’re polar opposites of each other which should see a lot of cool Roleplay between them.
  • 4. Factions or groups need to connect to the outside community! - This point is a fairly evident one to met at least. Even if the Factions are dealing with their internal feuding they will be connecting and Roleplaying with others. In fact the Sovereigns will likely try to bringin allies to deal with the Malverines, or visa versa. This in some cases we hope will help to drive cross-faction Roleplay overall to some degree.


Overarching Guild Identity

One thing that often plagues multi-group guilds is the sense of great identity. Each member when they Roleplay with a fellow guild member should overall identify with the group. Without that sense of identity a guild can quickly loose cohesion and begin to fracture. Part of the identity of BlackSky as a greater community is how we are all tied into the Saga of the BlackSky. Our strong sense of story and how the players can affect it will be our uniting factor. Sure each faction will have their own stories to some degree, but eventually the story will come to focus upon how it affects the other faction. The Sovereigns may deal with other guilds in the Dominion community, but their overarching goal will be to remove their enemy.


United in a story of Hatfields and McCoys

One of the major inspirations for this ongoing sense of feud the Hatfields and McCoys. Another thing to consider is the feeling often found between conquerors via their conquered populations. In this we’ll likely be using Imperialist Britain as a mindset for the Dominion, and colonial Ireland, Africa, and perhaps even America for the Exiles. Seems a bit cliche right? Ever seen the Patriot? Remember that feeling you got when the colonials shot down that evil Calvary commander? That’s the feeling we want the Malverines to have when they deal with the Sovereigns.

Now to make the Sovereigns seem a little less one sided we’ll likely play up the sense of chivalry and perhaps even a bit of an Arthurin theme. Much of the earlier Imperialist belief of old Britain was based on the notion of superiority, well that’s a pretty simple concept. For the Sovereigns we want them to feel like they are a bit of the righteous fist of of the Dominion. Combine that against the rebellious uncouth nature of the Malverines and a grand story is to be told!

The Feud will be a core aspect of the story and we’ll eventually explore more of the history behind the two families. As the story deepens we’ll learn about the various aspects of the once proud BrightStar bloodline, and how members can change the course of the feud through their actions.

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