We are BlackSky – The Saga

We are BlackSky – The Saga

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Hello everyone and its time for another blog on, WE ARE BLACKSKY!

This weeks blog will focus on what we call the Saga, the ever changing story that is created by the Factions of the BlackSky. As we note in the lore page, The Feud of BrightStar, the Saga has been an ongoing aspect of the story of the two families. The reason we call it the Saga is the feud has become much more than just family, it has come to encompass a grander scale than the original story had on its own. In a way the stories created by our players we hope will reach a semi-mythical feeling to them.


Organic stories that become tall tales

A while back we talked about the concept of the Tide, the Curious cast and much more. Now lets talk about the overall affect these stories will have over time. First and foremost, the collective lore and revelations that we will be documenting as the story proceeds is the Mythos, the great epic of our deeds. Each time an episode ends, a brief summary will be recorded under our Seasonal Stories tab on our website. The actions of the members for each season will be recorded in a short timeline which will then be resolved in a conclusion summary.

At the core of these stories that we are recording are the organic character interactions of the every day Rper. Get bored and wanna raid a bar? Do it! Wanna explore a cavern? Yeah! We will encourage members to shake things up now and then just as much as we encourage them to create long ongoing storylines. Our hope is that by actively encouraging the members to grasp the bull by the horns we’ll provide more material for our Seasons outright. This way it becomes less about a Dungeon Master always creating new story and instead using what the members themselves have created. Over time the organic stories will become beloved tall tales of our community. This is the foundation of the Saga.


So what really IS the Saga?

The Saga is the ongoing, active push and pull of the Tide of plot. Every action is an action in the Saga. Think of your favorite drama or even your favorite show. That ongoing sense of adventure that you saw in Indian Jones; the delight that was taken when Jack Sparrow defeated a foe; or when the resolution came in your favorite romantic comedy. All of these senses of conclusion and then the next step in the story is the Saga :3 The good thing about this is that as we tell this story we’ll be able to as a group to sit back and relive those feelings.

This is a favorite aspect of most Rpers. When you sit back and exchange experiences with your friends after a long night. That old Tabletop or fun feel? Well that is what we want from the Rp simply in the guild. Stories that you take away and that you enjoy even after we are all to old to really remember what WildStar is (sorry seniority joke XD).


Applying it all in theory

At the end of the day all we can do as Rpers is have fun and weave stories with each other.  Its simple, but that is kind of the core of this entire notion of story creation. But, this is where all good ideas come from, simple thinking that blossoms into core concepts to provide stronger foundation. When I sat down and began to design BlackSky I went over all the forms of Roleplay that I had enjoyed, and that my friends loved. What always kept coming back was the strong sense of fun that we got from just really being together and hanging out while Roleplay. Weird concept right? From this and other experiences I started to think about how to really get it to work. Well here it is:

  • Every month there will be at least two large scale story events that we plan out to the best of our ability at least two weeks out from each other. These events will be based on a loose brain storm of ideas among members and officers. Our material for what we want to do will be based on the following factors: previous events in the current season, any ongoing player created in character drama, and also ideas pitched to myself or the officers by the members.
  • As the story of the episodes progresses we’ll begin watching the Tide as it acts upon the guild and the factions. As we near a climax a finale to the current season will be planned. This will be draw out over a week or two and finally a climatic or simple end will occur. As the dust settles new ideas will be laid and the story will begin anew.

As the episodes occur as we said before we’ll be recording a timeline. This timeline will be placed on our website so that any time a member can sit down and see what they have changed in the guild, or how it has changed them. Each Episode of the current season will be marked on the timeline and the major participants noted. So as the story evolves and changes people will be able to look back and say “Look what I did, and look what I’m going to do!”


No one Owns the Spotlight

Going back to our core ideals  no one in BlackSky owns the spotlight. Every character who actively takes part in the story will get a chance to be in the spotlight. In fact we do not want to at all create a sense of anyone being the sole main character. Our cast will be constructed through their own self definition and the parts they play in the Saga. At the end of day we are all members of the BlackSky and the Saga is our collective story.

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