We are Malverines – Guild and Community

We are Malverines – Guild and Community

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Its time to broach a subject that we in BlackSky have bantered about for a while that being the subject of “the Community”. This is a somewhat difficult topic as there are a few things that are likely going to happen. First and foremost, there is not -ONE- Rp community, but a myriad of communities. Each community forms around different ideas, purposes, and styles. There will also be regional communities and communities centered around servers. For this reason we’ll be calling the Rp community more of an META community of differing Rp communities all under one general banner of the Rp hobby.


Guilds are Communities

It is my belief and a founding ideal of the BlackSky that a guild is a community unto itself. Some guilds act as specific groups within the IC community of a city. In Guild Wars 2 this is the variety of House Guilds who often play their part for the greater DR community of Rpers. A thing to note, even these small guilds are communities. The fact that often makes things different in GW2 is that the community tightly meshed with itself in many areas. In others there are entire circles of the community that refuse to participate in certain areas. Generally, this is in a way why you have large hub guilds like (like the Krytan Ministry) which serve as focal points for the rest of the community in a given area.

As we’ve mentioned before BlackSky will strive for a strong sense of internal guild identity. This means that we want to make players feel at home and part of our from the get go. Long lasting guilds come from this sense of identity. If you as a player consider yourself as BlackSky then you are more likely to care about the others in the group.  The big difference we’ll be facing WildStar is that you can only join -one- guild on each character. You can be a part of up to five circles or small guild like groupings, but the actual “GUILDS” are going to be a bit stronger in organization than GW2.


The Guild vs The Community

In some ways there are guilds out there that just don’t participate in community. Some could easily make this assumption about BlackSky because of our focus on guild storyline, member interaction and having fun with each other as a primary goal. However, what we strive to do is a bit more simple. Instead of being a big flashy guild that goes out and brags about its large amount of events, we want to be something a bit more. Our story Episodes will be open to all participants (as long as they do not try to hijack it or troll the event) which means that walk-ins, prospective applicants, and  are simply welcome to join in. Accessibility will be one of the primary forms of how we interact.

Another will be just popping up in active hubs and Roleplaying with people. To me, showing people we are invested rather than talking about it is better. Malverines will actively be zooming around in population centers wearing colors and playing the part of gangsters. Sovereigns will be partaking in Dominion politics and giving off that air of rough riding Cavalry warriors. We’ll team up with other guilds and formulate alliances, and we’ll participate in gang wars, or bike races etc. Heck, we’ll likely try to invest in business or much more. At the end of the day though we are BlackSky which means we are going to focus slightly bit more time on the guild rather than the community. We are not here to ignore things, but as a guild our first priority will always be to our members.


Active Hubs

The final aspect of our future community interaction will be twofold manifesting in the form of two active business hubs: the Sassy & Wild Saloon, and then the Talyn Hunting Lodge. Both will be full customized locales created using the housing system and open to members of the community. Members of our guild will staff, run, and eventually hold active events in these locations. The thing about these events is that they are going to be simple everyday ideas such as happy hour, late night shots, dancing nights or even dance parties. The point of our wonderful little events is that they are going to be the basis for our active businesses. Each business will in fact have its own active static website with menus, event listings, and activity hours.


Visibility and Openness

We are not a guild who seeks to go out into the center of the crowd and state “we are awesome”; we are that guild that travels through the crowd and has presence. Through our open events be they guild focuses or community focused are going to prove one of our ideas of adding to things rather than trying to control them. We are here to Rp the Saga of BlackSky, if non-guilded, allies or foes wish to be a part of that we welcome them. Just be prepared for when the bikes come thundering down the road and for the parties we’ll be throwing with keggers piled to the sky.

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