Results of the Guild Meeting!

Results of the Guild Meeting!

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Hey everyone we held our first official big guild meeting and this week we implemented some small changes across the board on the website. The first of these was a quick revamp of the Sovereign Faction. New information on the Sovereigns can now be found on the About, the History, and the Faction Page!

The new direction and inspiration for the Sovereigns are the infamous Pinkertons of history. You can learn a lot more about them here. The Pinkertons were an infamous Paramilitary group that broke Unions and fought outlaws for the Railroads.

File:Pinkerton escorts hocking valley leslies.jpg

Who better to fight than a group of paramilitary bloody Dominion agents? These guys follow the Dominion military, but answer to a Corporation ran by the Talyn family. The BrightStar Imperial Agency has connections in the ICI and other groups in the Dominion. They are an excellent means for us to create stories with righteous Dominion soldiers and also those seeking to play backwards criminals in the Empire.

The other bit of inspiration for our group are the Whalers from Dishonored, hired killers who serve people in the Empire.

We chose Dishonored because of the Gilded Age references because to us it runs well with the Wild West feel of the Exiles for the Dominion aspect of our guild to reflect the power of old money in America at the time.


Other Updates

We have also updated the Character Jacket so we can delve more into who your character is. The Quick Note section we added as a means for players to provide fodder for plots and other aspects o the guild storyline. We have also added a new Plot Template for those who want to structure out their loves, hates and friends! The structure page now has a full list of Guild Jobs and roles fully explained! This includes breaking down your purpose in the guild from Combative or Non-Combative forms!

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