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So what is going on in the BlackSky community? Well as we progress as a community we are actively looking at ways to spread the word, and create a stronger identity for our active factions. Now a key for our guild is an overarching guild identity, but at the same time we do want people to take pride in their faction. “Sovereigns are awesome” “WHOOO MALVERINES” These are things we want to hear! Attachment to one’s faction however is meant to divide our community as it is meant to enrich it. All good fandoms including WildStar have their groups such and giving people something they can identify with or that resonates with them creates a stronger fandom in general.

In a previous news we talked about the changes we were making and the inspiration to the evolution behind the BrightStar Sovereigns. After more work we are proud to announce a few new aspects to our community which will make it easier to navigate our site, and find the information you need!


The Coming of Proud Beak

Its time to step up the representation of the Sovereigns, so our very own Bessa, who did the original Malverines emblem and the united BlackSky logo. Proud Beak is the name we gave to our little device check it out:

[Image: BSS-Color-Small_zpsbbc40c66.png]

The Emblem of the Sovereigns is the Proud Beak of Royalty with the emblem of the sovereignty (the crown) and the mark of the Talyn Family (the BrightStar).

New Forums and Pages

Our forums now showcase a Malverine anda  Sovereign forum section. These are dedicated to these guilds specifically and will allow for more coordination and story specific to those groups. We are keeping the Long Road as our central RP forum as a means for cross faction interaction and for all large scale storylines.

We have also re-organized our webpage to include the following:

  • Lore sections for each guild meaning it is now easier to find your information on Malverines or the Sovereigns.
  • Each lore section for the specific factions has a bias against the other so enjoy :D
  • The Mythos section is now under lore for all your expanded BlackSky needs!
  • Seasonal Stories are now out in the open with the first Episode summarized on the Pre-Season Page!


Recruitment Changes

We have also updated and streamline our recruitment process. We now follow a path of application, OOC Interview, and then an RP introduction. Our plan is to focus on finding people who not only mesh with our active community, but are interested in evolving it. Each faction now also has their own list of Jobs and Roles so players do not have to feel like they are left out in the cold, at the same time they can still make up their own!

How this works is one someone applies they are answer some questions in their application; the next step then has them jumping either into an active thread (really any open thread they want to join) and then getting themselves involved. After that we then make them a full prospect and set them on the path to earning their colors. Becoming a member basically. This is done through Rping with other members and getting know by the leaders of each faction ICly. Those that stand out will likely earn that right (as we give active chances for everyone to stand out) and those that don’t participate will just have a slowed promotion time.

Note this idea is not set in stone as we are still in the pre-launch of the game. Once launch hits we’ll have more specific probationary times for what we want. Our aim at BSC is quality over quantity! But, also having fun!

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