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Hello everyone in the BlackSky Community!

Welp, its official. This time next month will mark our official first year as a community! So, um, YAY! That’s really awesome :D We have been around for a year of not only WildStar Roleplay, and we plan on being around for a while longer *Brofist*. This next year we hope to do more and strive for continued professionalism in our Roleplay. Not only has BlackSky come to be a respectful and fun community; it has come to mean a lot to the current members new and old!


Review and Reflection!

OMG its 2014

Its hard to really believe we’ve been around since 2013, and the guild has survived an entire year without a game to hold us together. Running a guild in pre-launch is not easy, but not only have we done that we’ve had an ongoing evolving story to boot! Last year the BlackSky Malverines raided a Dominion Train, and were also then attacked by the infamous BrightStar Sovereigns. With the upcoming release of Episode 3 around the corner (been delayed because of IRL planning). So for now we’ve been focusing on Roleplaying out the introduction stories of our newest members to give their characters a solid story connection to our community.


Looking toward the Future

This year one of the things I want us to strive for as a guild moves closer and closer to launch is growth. This does not mean getting bigger, but instead means we strive to build stronger bonds and deeper community. The past year has not only started to solidify our guild culture, and identity, it has also seen us starting to find more about who we are. When a guild leader creates a guild they often will create a concrete idea from the start. At times though they may just have a broad sense of who they are. Both approaches have their pros and cons, and when I created BlackSky I did it with a specific set of ideas in mind.

Every decision has been made with the foundation of Brotherhood and Friendly Environment in mind. So as I look toward what is just on the horizon I have a set of goals for us to achieve.

  1. See Permanent Changes - Our current story tells of how the Malverines and the Sovereigns came to establish themselves on Nexus. With the conclusion coming before launch, I hope that whatever we do in the Pre-Season comes to have last repercussions on future storylines.
  2. Transition to the Game - One thing that can really muck up a good Rp is a jerky transition from forum to game Roleplay. When launch is announced we plan on attacking the issue head on and planning a smooth transition into the game itself.
  3. Build our Name - This isn’t about being flashy or having a -important- reputation. Building our name is about over time creating relationships, and friendships outside of our guild with members and groups within the WSRP community. We hope to accomplish this on a organic and steady level!

New Content!

So with this update I do have to add that not only have we started looking toward launch, but we have also added some new content to our website. This is not that much as we try to keep the amount of reading or -perceived- amount of read to a key amount. Of note we did not anything to our required reading and in fact all of our newest additions are basically fluff! So for those of you thinking (SIN ADDED MORE OH NOES) nope we just added some bits here and there to help with furthering the story and the understanding of our guild!


Theme and Inspiration!

Some may be curious about the various “things” inspired the creation of the BlackSky. We now officially have a page describing and giving credit to what media and pieces of art have influenced us the most! If you are curious about understanding the themes of our guild or just learning about where we are drawing our story muse from, check this new page out!


The Supporting Cast

Our guild has a well established backstory and growing “mythos” behind it. To help further this and to give some more lore on the background characters I have published a list of the current major NPCs of the Saga. These include the two AIs Reggie and Roger, and two major characters who will play a part in story introductions and connections.

Finally there is also a note about a mysterious foe or ally that appeared in our early season, the Harbinger!

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