June Updates

June Updates

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They will not win, we shall never see our work corrupted by those seeking perfection!

-The Magistrate

Well everyone, the Pre-Season “The Beginning” has ended!  Motley is gone, and a strange figure known as the Executor has gambled away the chances of both factions. Not only that but a dirty Judge from Thayd, Gralk Bonebreaker, has released warrants on the Malverines while then taking their Saloon!  Whatever will they do! Meanwhile over in Olyssia the Sovereigns fight off a bit of political maneuvering as their parent corporation loss ccontrol of their original Deradune based lodge. So effectively both groups now have to start over rebuild and establish themselves. Meaning all our new members will have a direct stake in the regrowing period after launch :D More of this can be read in the Chronicle Article, Times Are a Changin’.


Quick Updates

A few quick updates everyone should be aware of:

  • We have a new dating system for IC threads, the Sticky for this can be found here.
  • We havere-organize Long Road fully into our RP forum, and created sub-forums for the In=Character zones (continent wise). This means you know the general area for where your threads are taking place.
  • We have added the conclusion for Ep3, the summary for Ep3, and the Introduction for Season 1 – The Blinded.
  • We have expanded the non-drama to remind people that their conduct to non-guild members reflects upon the guild, and now includes public forums outside of guild channels.
  • The conclusion to Episode 3 can be found here.
  • Season 1 info is then posted here.
  • The Chronicling detailing the setting update can be found here.


Rule updates:

  • We have added an addition to Rule 2 of the Rules of Conduct, this addition essentially is a reminder to conduct yourself with professionalism in and outside the guild.


Forum Updates

Our forums have undergone a bit of re-organization. Primarily in the Discussion, and Roleplay forums:

  • The Roleplay and Lore forums are now one, to keep things easy.
  • There is now a Plots / Dossier forum, you can post a folio of your characters, and also discuss thread ideas in the subforum within!
  • The Long Road has a new Creating an IC Thread sticky, which includes all the stuff you need to know! (We seriously suggest you read it).  We have in general re-organized our Roleplay forum to keep things a bit more organized, and easier to manage.
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