Gun Fights, and The Talyn Gives Promos

Gun Fights, and The Talyn Gives Promos

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You’d think that Nexus was a land filled with adventure, and you’d be right there kid. You see though,things aren’t always going as one might assume with them Malverines, and Sovereigns. Nope, thins goes in a way you never assume.


Gun Fightin in the Sassy

While new Prospects Scout, Melody, and Snake were learning about the Club, the Sassy became active as others drifted in from the outside. The Algoroc that day was probably boilin with feelin, as it got hot fast. Long time drifter Grixx the Mordesh appeared, and automatically the Saloon went quiet. It was not long afterward that the Boss himself gave a shot to punish the Mordesh. A quick firefight ensued and Grixx soon found himself up before the table up on charges of breaking the Charter. Soon the Table votes to see the Mordesh meet old grin. Why? That feller pulled a gun on a fellow Prospect, something you just don’t do. There was also the question with his established relationship with head dancer, Desiraela.

Anyhow kids, that entire affair ended with Grixx kicked out, and sent out on his own. Before leaving he threatened the boss after Cathal told the Mordesh he’d be six feed under if he ever returned. On the way out Grixx torched the Sassy a bit expounding the already damaged bar. Poor Saloon Keep, Seele, was in for a heap of work as the poor aurin lamented the damage to his beloved place of work.


The Talyns Gift Promotions

A month of slowly growing success saw the active Prospects of the Sovereigns earned their first path to becoming full Agents. Administered by Fahari, draken ladies, Coyotzin and Ramlethal found themselves with new uniformed gloves.

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