At the heart of the BlackSky are several influences we draw from various shows, movies and books that we feel connect us to the story of WildStar. These works include such shows as Full Metal Alchemist, Outlaw Star, Trigun, and Cowboy Beebop. Or others such as Firefly, StarGate-1 or Burn Notice or Farscape. All of these works have a mixture of comedy, horror, tragedy and adventure that has made them memoralized by fans for years.

The aim of the story of the Malverines is to mix longstanding internal Guild Seasonal Archs, along with interaction with other guilds in the WildStar community. We are seeking to mix things up while at the same time maintaining a sense of drama, and adventure among the Club that makes sure members are always feeling included.


The Expanding Lore

Like all good stories, that of the BlackSky will grow and evolve as time and fate play out the saga of the BlackSky. However, as the fanon of the BlackSky grows we do not wish to overwhelm our new members with ever increasing amounts of information. But, at the same time we do not wish not record our adventures or introduce new story into our epic tales! For this reason we want to offer two things as expanded stories. The first is articles on items, curses and other interesting lore written for our ongoing Story Seasons. The second will then be the release of short stories and media to chart the every growing saga that is the BlackSky


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