OOC Structure

The BlackSky has a separate OOC and IC structure. Our IC structure is the basis of command for members of the faction (BlackSky Malverines / BrightStar Sovereigns). Our OOC structure covers the basic chain of leadership for our OOC family and community.


Tier 1 – Prospect

Prospects are probational members of the BlackSky and the new blood of the community. They are tasked with showing commitment to our community via participation (when possible), roleplaying with members, etc. (See Advancement below for information on how to proceed from Prospect to Member).


Tier 2 – Members

The Members are the lifeblood of the BlackSky Malverines or the BrightStar Sovereigns! Made up of guild founders, veterans and gaming friends alike. The members are the foundation of our OOC family and can expect to always find a fun and laid back environment within the guild. Members are asked to help when possible in a Prospects path to earning their colors (becoming a member).


Tier 3 – Officers

Within the BlackSky, Officers are considered the staff and overall team charged with keeping the guild going. Their job is to make sure the members are happy, and to make sure that things are kept running smoothly. Often Officers will be charged and given a set of responsibilities to cover a specific area of expertise. This area may be clearly or roughly defined based upon the amount of Officers within the guild, or the responsibilities needing to be filled at the time.

  • Deputies - Contributors and staff assistants, Deputies fill in the gaps that require filling. This could include roleplaying important IC roles, creating content for members, or simply assisting Officers in their general duties.


Tier 4 – Leaders

The Leaders are the administrators and managers of the guilds overall well being. Their job is to provide oversight of Officer action, make sure the community is happy, and in general keep things moving forward.

The leadership is split between two general positions:

  • The Guild Leader - The GL is charged with act as a final arbiter and tie breaker in decision making. They listen to the concerns all members as they can within the guild and make sure things are done equally. They also assume necessary roles to alleviate any areas that might need to be done. The GL may rectify or modify the decision of an Officer or the Advisor if they see fit.
  • The Adviser - The Advisor is the other half of the BlackSky leadership. Their job is to enforce the overall guild policy and act moderator in discussion among the Officers. In effect they are the referee for the guild and they speak with the GL’s voice when making decisions when the GL is not present.
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