The Staff

Leadership and Officers of BlackSky


ShadowedSin - Community Leader, Faction Lead of the Malverines

  • Malerine Contact: Cathal (Main)
  • Sovereign Contact: Fahari (Alt)


Zbug84 - BlackSky Officer, Faction Lead of the Sovereigns

  • Malerine Contact: Zakkery (Alt)
  • Sovereign Contact: Dondario (Main)


Scout – Deputy, Malverine Ritesmaster

  • Malverine Contact: Scout (Main)
  • Sovereign Contact: Sione (Alt)


Scriptorium – Deputy, Sovereign Consultant

  • Sovereign Contact: Xaeka (Main)


OneEye – Deputy, Sovereign Armsmaster

  • Sovereign Contact: OneEyedJack (Main)


Coyotzin – Deputy, Sovereign Ritesmaster

  • Malverine Contact: Tetsuko (Alt)
  • Sovereign Contact: Zylla (Main)
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