Malverines History

The history of the BlackSky began years ago when a young son defied his father. Robert BrightStar was a tyrant of a man that had tried to force his son into an unwanted marriage. In outright rebellion Reily married the woman of his dreams, a young lowborn named, Gloria Spencer. This act alone split a rift in the family and caused outright shunning from  his father and sister, Talyn. The animosity between the the descendants of the two siblings would over time become a point of contention. When Brightland joined the citizens in their righteous cry for rights during the Cassian Civil War the Reilys and their ship, the BlackSky joined the fight on the side of the rebels.

From the start the BlackSky was synonymous with rebellion, being a bunch of upstarts, and questioning the status quo. Even among the Exile Fleet the BlackSky was active on the outside fighting against the Dominion Seekers, and was usually the first on the line to break blockades and sign up new races to the cause. When the Granok Free Companies first joined the Exile faction the BlackSky was right there hiring on Granok crewmen to train and fight with their marines. Years later when Grimsnara was put under quarantine the BlackSky turned and broke it and helped save members of the Mordesh race.

Throughout this age of defiance the BlackSky came to blows repeatedly with its archrival, the BrightStar. Led by the Talyn family, the BrightStar and its sister organization, the BrightStar Sovereigns, actively hunted the exile Frigate going as so far as to join the Seekers! A bunch of muderoous louts, the Sovereigns actively took pleasure in killing and torturing their enemies.

The truth was that BlackSky was a crew of thrill seekers, defiant upstarts, and in many ways, misfits. So when the Aurin needed aide during the ravaging the BlackSky was there on the scene seeking glory, and seeking to help those it considered a friend.  This sense of dedication dated back to the Reily belief of family and came to permeate the entire crew and later the Malverines themselves. When Dorian Walker presented his findings of Nexus, the crew of the BlackSky jumped at the chance to gain a new life away from the their enemies, the Talyns, and their hired thugs, the BrightStar Sovereigns Imperial Agency.

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