Malverine Roles and Jobs

The Roles and Jobs of the Malverines are split into two distinctive forms:
Combat Roles – Those who fight, defend, and bleed for the Club.
Support Roles – Those who support and provide services to the Club.

Some do not fit within these defined categories however, and often straddle the line in some fashion (a merc who works the bar, a peacekeeper who dances a pole).

All brothers and sisters in the Club have to earn somehow. Usually this is directly for the club on jobs, operations, or projects. In other cases its at a Club owned business in the form of servers, mechanics, or even entertainers for customers.

Note: You May select any of the roles below and take on what you think works best for your character. That includes being a support character that also fights, or a fighting character that also supports.


General Roles

General roles are the options open for all newly hired Prospects and later Members of the Club. They can be assigned to specific jobs, projects, or contracted out as necessary.


Renegade – A colloquialism created taken from FCON, Renegades are the front line combatants in Malverine interests. Soldiers, Mercs, Bounty-Hunters, or just a gunslinger, they are the general fighters and defenders of their fellow Club members. May also include local lawmen such as Judges or Peacekeepers.

Scout – A courier, runner, tracker, or simply a hunter looking for the next big rush. Scouts are the light footed types of the Malverines who usually focus on mobility rather than pulling out the big guns.


Technician – Malverine Technicians tend to be dirty types who love machines, and technology more than their own family. Grease Monkeys, Surveillance techs, datachron hackers, or whatever other tech loving type there is walk this path.

Scientist – Medics, Mob Doctors, Physicians, Eldan specialists and much more. Scientists living the Outlaw life come from all walks of life, and are just seeking some freedom, and a good use for their skills.

Trader – A logistic type, a supplier, tradesmen, or in general a merchant that works the legal trade for the Malverines. Sometimes pairs up with the Smuggler to be an all around dealer of various goods legit and contraband alike!

Reckoner – A officer worker, clerk or administrator. From an old lowborn term meaning a teller of sorts. Mostly encompasses support staff for Malverine businesses, and often includes supervisors, and managers.


Counsel Roles

Counsel roles cover a mixture of ritualistic, and shadier jobs offered to members of the Club.


Hood – Taken from the Black Hoods in part the Hood is a spy, espionage expert, or a covert operative. Usually working undercover, or even selling information. Hoods are the Malverines on the inside when on the job.

Shylock – Gun Runners, Weapon-Crafters, Drug Dealers, and the general “bad sort” that usually runs on the grey line. Malverines who usually have criminal connections and also work as bookies, and loan sharks on the side (said to be from an Lowborn slang term for creditor).


Chronicler – Storytellers, Keepers of the Old Way, and much more. Chroniclers are part of the Exile fabric can be aurin Matria / Ritualists, Granok communers, or even Mordesh alchemists.


Sassy and Wild Roles

Roles for those who work directly for the Sassy and Wild Saloon, as members of the Club.


Combat Roles
Muscle – Bouncers, the hired thugs, and in general sometimes the cooler. The muscles job is to keep the bar cool, and the employees safe. They often also work security for Saloon interests and are often paired up with or are Renegades for the Club too.


Support Roles
Prim’n'Proper – The Prim’n'Proper is a rough slang referring to those who work concierge or hospitality for the Saloon. Servers, Cocktailers, and hosts that work the Sassy.

Cook / Bartender – The Saloon staff who work the grill or kitchen, or simply work the bar. Includes barbacks, bartenders, cooks, and even grill masters or general kitchen staff.

Artiste – A local talent, or entertainer that works in the Saloon such as singers, musicians, or even daredevils perhaps to keep the customers happy.

Sassy Jabbits – Name given to the guys and gals who work the flesh trade of the Sassy. Dancers, Pin-Ups, Escorts, or even the pieces of good looking that serve during the special events of the Saloon.

Note: Players are free to invent, and create their own roles for their characters, as long as it can fit within the guild.

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