Sovereigns Lore (Dominion)


“For Emperor, and Dominion!”


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“Excellent and Professionalism were once our alma mater. Now after the wool has been removed from our eyes we see that retribution must be meted out. With excellence, we will bring an end to corruption on Nexus.”


The BrightStar Sovereigns Imperial Agency was found by the illustrious aristocratic Talyns of Cassus. The name BrightStar itself was taken from the Frigate the Talyns captained in the Imperial Navy for centuries. The Talyn name meant order, and it meant excellence. The BrightStar and her crew created a name for themselves throughout the Empire for not only doing a job, but for fixing the problems of others. In recent years they participated in the Vindication of the Empire, and hounding the former hubris of the Highborn. It is within recent days that discovery of greater decadence, bribery, and corruption that the Sovereigns take to the life of the vigilante. To bring a righteous brand to the filth in the Empire.

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