Sovereign History

The History of BrightStar dates back to times just after Dominus the Half-Blood brought peace, and order to the tumultuous Cassian Commonwealth. One of the earliest to side with the new order, was Robert BrightStar. A brilliant military figure,t he man made his mark on old Cassus with his tireless work to battle the corruption of the previous regime. Remembering the sacrifice of Swordmaiden Tresayne Toria, Robert wished to pass his legacy on as his time came to an end. However, his son, a drunken layabout named Reily refused. The act soon plunged the family into chaos as Robert died in a freak accident, leaving all his, and his sons debts to the man’s devoted daughter, Talyn.

Her descendants, the Talyn family, would come to captain a frigate named after their beloved BrightStar name. Years later when the Talyns took the side of justice, and order with Emperor Jarec against Serick Brightland, their leader, Elric Talyn, was murdered by his distant cousins, Sean Reily. Within that time the Talyns demanded retribution and came to forget their legacy of honor, and discipline. In the centuries to come the family built a powerful corporate machine, and a private army, the BrightStar Sovereigns, to undo those who had wronged them.

In that time however as they had forgot their past, they began to notice the stagnation of the Empire. It was when High Sentinel Cazalon throughout the unjust, that the talyn realized their growing lack of piety. It was fifty years later after taking down a massive Darkspur bribed family of fellow Highborn that the realization sunk in further. Three years after the landing on Nexus, the death of one Hand of the Sovereigns set off a civil war within their patrons. The Sovereigns themselves soon bereft of support or guidance.

The Transfiguration as it was named, became a point of contention. With no where to go the Sovereigns were forced to look for inspirations on Nexus itself. Within the fighting tenacity of the Torine Sisterhood they found revelation. A guiding light was set aside for them, as surviving members of the Talyn appeared to back them. First they raided an Ascendancy compound and stole evidence connecting the cult to a high ranking Dominion Officer. Next, they took on a rogue faction of the ICI who had been seling weapons to the Darkspur Cartel. Each action another mark on the road to redemption. Now on Nexus, the BSIA seeks to carve out a new destiny, and life for itself. While also bringing justice to all those who have harmed them, and name of the Empire they love.

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