Sovereign Structure

The structure of the Agency as a whole is simplistic, and encompasses types from all over the Empire. From the newly joined Prospect; to the oldest Veterans; to Officers, and the Leaders of the Circle. All play a part in family that is the BrightStar.

Not all Sovereigns are fighters, some work within Agency businesses, others work in the field as support staff. The Agency is not a limited organization, it openly encourages advancement / expansion of occupational skills (with consideration to current responsibilities)


Faction Structure / Ranks


Tier 0 - Civilians or Outsiders

The Outsider or Zero Tier represents those who are not members of the BSIA. They are either those who hold no interest in the life of the Agency or their goals. Or are those who are seeking join the opportunities, protection, and stability the BSIA represents. Once hired (as all who join the Agency work for it), the Applicant is asked to state their available skills in the form of Combat, Support, or a mixture of both (see Jobs list for more options).


Tier 1 – Prospect (Initiates)

Prospects are probational, and unproven individuals who have passed the basic interviewing process, and were hired to do a job. They work as either a Combat, Support, or mixed-skilled probational Agent. They are the new-blood of the Agency, and are often carefully tested by members (Agents) throughout their time to see if the life is for them.


Tier 2 – Member (Agent)

Members are full Agents who have been ordained after completing their time as Prospects. They are the life’s blood of the Agency, and for that reason are comrades, and compatriots in the life.


Tier 3 – Officer

A member who has risen through the Agency ranks and has entered the Circle of the Director and Vice-Directory. Officers work in various fields overseeing Agency Projects, and Operations.

  •  Deputies (The Elite) - Deputies of the Agency are chosen for their skill, aptitude, and connections in the Empire. They act as assistants, supervisors, and in general lieutenants to the Officers of the Circle. Known as the Elite they are often put of charge in operations, or assist with running Agency businesses.


Tier 4 – Leaders

The Agency at the top is led by the Leaders, those in charge of keeping the Sovereigns on track and making sure the Sovereigns succeed.


The Director

The Director is the leader and the one who all must listen to when decisions need to be made.

  • The Vice Directory - The captains right hand man and adviser in Agency decisions.
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