Sovereign Roles and Jobs

The Roles and Jobs of the Sovereigns are split into two distinctive forms:

  • Combat Roles – Those who fight, defend, and bleed for the Agency.
  • Support Roles – Those who support and provide services to the Agency.

Some do not fit within these defined categories however, and often straddle the line in some fashion (a soldier who works the bar, a dancer who is also a scientist).

All members who join the Agency work for it in some capacity. In either a general open occupation for the Agency directly, or for one of the many businesses operated by the Agency across Nexus.

Note: You May select any of the roles below and take on what you think works best for your character. That includes being a support character that also fights, or a fighting character that also supports.


General Roles

General roles are the jobs, and occupations open to all Agency members, and can be assigned to assist with business, operations, or in projects. They report to the Armsmaster.



Legionary – Coming from a nickname for soldiers of the Imperial Legions, the Legionary can be a Soldier, a Bounty-Hunter, a Gameskeeper, or a Security Guard who actively serves as a general fighter for Agency interests.

Scout – Scouts are light and mobile focused types who might work as Relic Hunters, Couriers, Trackers etc for the Agency.



Technician – Agency Techs are often comprised of engineers, mechanics, security surveillance personnel and much more. If it deals with technology or machinery its often their focus.

Scientist – Medics, Physicians, DRED Inventors, or perhaps just researchers. Agency Scientists come in all shades, but usually with a focus on exploring knowledge, and innovation in some form.

Supplier – Agency Suppliers include tradesmen, dealers, salesmen, and merchants in general. May also include craftsmen who create items for the Agency, or assist in producing products to help fund BSIA interests.

Clerk – Clerks are composed of administrators, officer workers, and support staff in general. Their focus is primarily also in business so when things go south they spin stories, and work publicity to make sure that enemies of the Sovereigns cannot gain a foothold against the Agency.


Counsel Roles

Counsel roles cover a mixture of ritualistic, and shadier jobs offered to members of the Agency. They report to the Ritesmaster.



Handler – Espionage, Secret Agents, and Field Operatives, all fall under the name of Handler. Often including ICI Agents, Darkspur Contacts, and much more.

Highwayman – A simple name for something that roughly means “Black Marketer”, Consultants are smugglers, gun-runners, or even better criminals in general. Paid to give an eye into the criminal underbelly of the Dominion.



Ritualist – Vigilant Chaplains, Bloodshamans, Huntresses, Chua theologians, Mechari analysts or much more. Ritualists provide context, and seek answers for the greater mysteries of Nexus itself.


Radiance Roles

Roles for those who work directly for the Radiance Dance Club, as members of the Agency. They report to the Quartermaster.



The Watch – Coolers, Bouncers, and Security guards who strictly work for the Radiance. A good part time job for any good Agency Legionary.



Concierge – A general term for hospitality in general, Concierges are composed of servers, waiters, hosts, and cocktailers (cocktail waiters or waitresses). They may also work in the Radiance as personnel Valets (man servants).

Cook / Bartender – Working the bar, or working in the kitchens to prepare food for customers, and Agency members.

Talent – Entertainers such as singers or other performance artists that provide spectacle for Radiance customers.

Diamond Doll – The fine looking show pieces of the Radiance made up of gogo dancers, cage dancers, burlesque, and even Courtesans.

Note: Players are free to invent, and create their own roles for their characters, as long as it can fit within the guild.

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