Contracts and Achivements System

BlackSky is a community of collaborate storytelling; our Contracts and Achivements system was created to formulate member driven roleplay, and the ability for members to also record their “achievements” within the greater Saga of BlackSky.


Achievement Types

There are three forms of Achievement one can earn from their faction.

1. Patches - A patch is self-explanatory, a patch of cloth sewn onto the primary uniform of the individual and awarded by the Officers, and Leader of a Faction.

2. Title - Titles are earned through social action, and storytelling. They mark one’s reputation in the Faction at large. The “Kid” might be a top-notch newbie, or the “Jinx” might be an unlucky soldier. Titles are listed on character directory.

3. Brands - Brands are permanent marks of actions done in name of the Character’s Faction. A scar earned in a fire fight saving the boss’ kid, versus a selective Tattoo awarded for years of veteran service.


Earning Achievements in BlackSky

Every Patch and Brand within the BlackSky requires a certain set of prerequisites these are recorded (along with the Achievements themselves) anywhere a member wishes. Their Forum Signature, or perhaps in their Character Jacket (their Character Profiles). When a member reaches the required milestones for an achievement they petition an Officer, Deputy or Leader during a IC Faction meeting (Church for Malverines, Vigil for Sovereigns). Whereupon if they meet the requirements they will be granted the Patch! Brands may in themselves require a second set of Rituals where then the secondary ritual will be planned after proof of the meeting a Brand’s requirements has been met, this also applies to certain patches (Such as Mate or Chosen Patch).

Badges are accomplished through stories shared during Faction Gatherings.


Posting and Taking Contracts

Contracts are essentially a roleplay prompt. They can encompass simple goals, or perhaps even spark an ongoing plot. For intents and purposes though they are simple prompts of information to help others create their own active Roleplay events by taking them.


An Example

Brewmaster Grok over in Thermock hold says the local Bosun of a downed massive ship of Marauders is giving him trouble. Head over to the Redmoon Dockyard and beat some sense into a few of them. If you find the Bosun in question, bring his head to Grok for a good keg of beer.


To take a Contract merely look in a respect Faction Datachron forum and for the colorful tag on a thread reading “CONTRACT”. Respond ICly, and then perhaps organize an event or join one already on the Calendar. Again a Contract can be a combat event, a dungeon, a call to assist in Community event, the ideas are pretty limitless. So Members, Prospects, Officers, and Leaders can actively post, and take Contracts from each other!



When an event is completed, members should respond once again to the thread In-Character affirming their completion of the event. Even give a small summary or account of the actual event.


An Example

Aye, we took on the Bosun middle of the day straight out of  Thermock. The brat put up a bit of a fight, but I had three brothers, and a probate along with me. We rolled that bastard hard, and shot down a few of his friends. We took a few holo-shots of the fun. Included below.

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