Guild Advancement

Within the BlackSky OOC structure, advancement will reflect what is going on in-character to a point. However, there will be a level of consideration and discussion on some aspect when taking into consideration behavior of the person proposed for advancement, and the place they hold in the community.


Applicant to Prospect

Applicants are people who are in the process of applying, and completing their OOC / IC interviews. Once both are done they will be given a full in-game invite to start their Prospect period with the guild!

For an Applicant to become a Prospect one must:

  • Complete the Application in full, and meet the initial standards of the Guild by judgement of the Guild Leader.
  • Complete the OOC Interview.
  • Complete the IC Interview.


Prospect to Member

Prospects become eligible for promotion at their second week of Prospecting. To be promoted to member a Prospect must:

  • Act as a Voice in the Guild (participating in guild discussion, actively talking and socializing with others).
  • Attend Events and Rp Sessions (join in on random Rp events with guild mates, attend at least two OOC, or IC events within reason).
  • Have no serious infractions against Guild Policy.

Promotions will be decided based also upon merit and contributions. The Leadership and Staff will confer, and then inform the future member privately of their decision, then schedule a Promotion Event.

  • Prospects will have -one month- to earn their Promotion. If a month passes Officers will contact the Prospect in question. Leaves of Absence, and other priorities can be used to extend this period of time.


Gaining Membership Through Vouching
An Associate Prospect who has been vouched for (privately) by two standing Members in good standing may be evaluated before the Leadership. The Vouching members must PM a request to the Guild Leader, and then provide a reason according to the established OOC and IC milestones why the person in question deserves to be promoted to the rank of Member.


Patching Ceremony / Agent Promotion

Promotion IC Events will be scheduled pending availability, of the parties involved.


Joining the Staff

Staff encompasses all ranks including Deputy, Officer, and Leader.

General staff requirements:

  • Patience and understanding in dealing with conflict.
  • Access to the guilds primary chosen IM (Skype).
  • Activity, and communication of general actions and decisions.
  • Dedication in guild roleplay and community participation.


Promotion to Officer

Officers are chosen, and selected by the Leadership after careful evaluation and discussion with the applicant. Applications may be chosen from discussion among the Officers and Deputies, or via open applications seeking candidates.

Officers are often evaluation for their skill-sets, their knowledge, and to help in the running of the guild.

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