Themes and Inspirations

The themes and inspirations that permeate the Sage of BlackSky are related to a variety of resources across a myriad of media. As we draw from many sources we have decided to compile this list of ‘Suggested Resources’ (in the same manner that White Wolf has done in its RPG sources books for tabletop). These resources can be used to think of character ideas or to simply understand the stories our community plans to tell.


Fiction and Tabletop

 John Carter of Mars

A story of a cowboy who ends up traveling to a dying world filled with the infamous barbaric Green Martians and the intrigue of the cities of the Red Martians. John Carter of Mars is about a man who through his own ingenuity saves a wayward people, helps a princess keep her inheritance, and defeats the infamous warlord of Zodanga! It and the rest of the Barsoom novels are pulp greatness and are about action adventure we love in BlackSky!


Dungeons and Dragons

The fabled DnD, and where adventurers explore a world filled with monsters while fighting off magical evils. Dungeons and Dragons inspires the BlackSky sense of adventure and fighting along with your comrades. Not only that but often it includes dealing with lost empires and dying ruins a key factor in the mysteries of the Eldan.


World of Darkness

Old and New World of Darkness deals with the world of the Supernatural and with stories where horror mixes quite well. BlackSky takes the themes of horror along with the lack of black and white that is often portrayed in the World of Darkness.



The Ninth World is a time far in the future where Earth is no longer remotely what we once imagined. Only the Steadfast remains a true becaon of Civilization in a world filled with alien wonder and lost technologies. Much like what the BlackSky stories the lands of Ninth World, and the Numenera themselves are akin to the strange gadgets created by the Eldan.


TV and Movies

Fire Fly

The story of the Serenity was the key inspiration for the foundation of the the BlackSky and the later creation of the BrightStar frigates. The Serenity itself is a wayward crew just trying to make their way and made up of former veterans from the Browncoats from the fringe worlds. Their status as not only frontiersman, but the oppressed is a common presiding factor in the struggle between the Exiles and the Dominion.


James Bond

“Bond, James Bond.” The iconic words of the number one of the 00′s is iconic for the story told for the BrightStar Sovereigns. James Bond battles the evils of Spectre, rogue spies, and much more for Queen and Country. He’s a deadly super spy with a suave brutal demeanor and in some cases (Sean Connery) a signature accent!


Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is a family drama dealing with Outlaw Bikers and are the obvious inspiration for the BlackSky Malverines and the general story structure of the guild. The Sons live in the small town of Charming and do their bvest to keep their family safe while dealing with various other authority and criminal factions.


Real Life

Hatfields and McCoys

The infamous southern clans that spent years feuding with each other. Countless lives were lost in the conflict and the Saga of BlackSky, and t he direct inspiration for the blood feud between the Reilys and the Talyns. The blood feud with the Hatfields and the McCoys began when a member of one family was slain after returning from the Civil War. The ensuing violence consumed both families and create an era of chaos around the river valley were both families dwelt.

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