Faction Structure and Advancement

Members of the BlackSky come from both factions, all with different pasts, memories and occupations. They are united in their part in the Saga, and in the hope or desire or simple want of seeing their faction win over the other.


Faction Jobs

The basics of factional membership can be broken into two types: Combative and Support jobs and roles. Each job has its own place within the factional hierarchy and helps to provide funds, services, or defense for the faction in question. Job status is not set in stone and the roles can change as the story progresses.


The Malverines:

Malverine combative jobs fall under the category of Beast and are usually made up of the core members of the Club itself who are willing to fight tooth and nail for it.  Those who act in a support role are known as Paw and usually are required to follow the orders of the core Club members and the Club Officers.

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Beast Roles:

  • Bounty Hunter (Bring in income by bringing criminals to Judges and collecting the bounty, etc)
  • Mercenary (Bring in income by fighting for cash)
  • Muscle (Keep the saloon safe, the non-combat people safe, etc. Fight for the Saloon.)
  • Bouncer (Keeps order in the bar, protects the staff, etc)


Paw Roles:

  • Waitress/Waiter (Dish out food and drink to customers)
  • Dancer (Showing tits or other attractive bulges for tips. Stripper activity and their clientele are overseen by their supervisors.)
  • Consort (Those who exhcange favors for money- offering their company or sensual services. Consort activity and their clientele are overseen by their supervisors.)


The Sovereigns

Sovereign combative jobs fall under the category of Operatives and are the fighting and defensive agents of the Sovereigns. Those who act in a supportive roles and or work jobs in Sovereign businesses are known as Assets.

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Operative Roles:

  • Hunter (Catches fodder for Draken hunts)
  • Independant Soldier (Soldier hired by the Talyns that makes money for them by selling himself as a type of Mercenary)
  • Bodyguard (Guards important people or other people with money… sometimes Talyns, sometimes not)
  • The Watch (Lodge defense)


Asset Roles:

  • Off-duty entertainer (See: Dancer under Malverine Example)
  • Lodge Curator (oversees the lodge, like a manager)
  • Lodge Caretaker (keeps things clean and in shape, like a janitor)


Roles for Either Faction

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Combat Roles:

  • Intelligence (Spy/Scout)


Support Roles:

  • Master of ceremonies (introduces dancers, announces specials, etc)
  • Medic/doctor (Medical professional that patches up wounded)
  • Chef (Cooks food for the lodge/saloon)
  • Bartender (Serves drinks)
  • Mechanic/Fixiteer (Repairs bikes and other mechanical monstrosities)
  • DJ (plays all the wicked tunes)
  • Hacker/IT/Advanced Circutry and Computer Tech (fixes and works with software, programming; specifically with robots in some cases)
  • Crafter of drugs/other popular blackmarket items for cash
  • Security tech (works with technology meant for the security of property, such as video cameras, laser-triggered alarm systems, etc.)
  • Dealers (Charged with overseeing a gambling session. They actively interact with players, handling the bets and payouts for their particular game.)
  • Bookies (One who accepts bets for a variety of activities, for all manner of reasons, and handles the flow of cash amongst winners. Different from the dealer.)
  • Loan Shark (Those who offer money to a group or indivual with the expectation to be payed off within a certain amount of time, with interest.)
  • Escort Escort: Attractive women or men meant to distract and provide eye-candy for the patrons, during gambling activities.
  • accountant (works for the Treasurer officer; works with the Saloon/lodges expenses or income)
  • collector (Collects money owed to the lodge/saloon)


Faction Structure / Ranks


Tier 0 – Non-Members and Outsiders


Malverines – Hang-Arounds

In  the world of the Club there is only two types of outsider. Non-Members who can’t really be trusted except for good friends and allies. Then there are Hang-Arounds. Those who wish to become Prospects to the Club, but haven’t earned the right of invite or haven’t applied to join the Club’s membership.

A Prospect becomes a member when they have earned a role or their place in the Club.


Sovereigns – Civilians or Outsiders

In the world of the Unit there are two forms of outsider. First there is the civilians who haven’t taken an interest in the war with the Exiles (or have yet to join the military). Then there are those in general who wish to become Prospects of the Unit having earned the right of being recruited or have applied to the Unit’s registry.

A Prospect becomes a full member once they have earned their place in the Unit.


Tier 1 – Prospect

Malverines – Cubs

Prospects are recently approved new members of the Club who have either found their way to the Club’s turf, met them on a ride, or was invited to join after being a hang-around for a while.


Sovereigns – Rabble

Prospects are recently recruited members of the Unit who have yet to prove themselves. They found their way to the home of the Unit, and met the Sovereigns on a ride, or may have just heard of them on Nexus or throughout the Empire.



Tier 2 – Member


Malverines – Brother / Sister

Members are the core of the Club and are often related to, in a relationship, or are good friends of the Originals, or the Founders of the Club. Members all have earned their patches after acting as Prospects for a ime and getting voted in by the Officers and Leaders of the Table.


Sovereigns – The Agent

Members are the core of the Agency and are often related to, allies of, or work for the leading members of the BrightStar Sovereigns in some capacity. All Agents earned their place after proving themselves to the Captain and the Circle.


Tier 3 – Officer


Malverines – Officer

A member who has advanced to the point where they are members of the trusted Inner Circle of the Boss and the Second.


The Road-Captain is charged with the Club arms and making sure the Gang is able to defend itself.


The Treasurer is the Club’s primary financier and handles the funds for the Club.


Primary master of ceremonies, keeper of rituals of the Club and the primary historian.


Sovereigns – Officer

A member who has risen through the Agency ranks and has entered the inner Circle of the Captain and Firstmate.



The Armsmaster is charged with the keeping of the Units arsenal and making sure Unit interests are defended.



The Secreatry is charged with keeping records and maintaining ties with allies in the Dominion.


Tier 4 – Leaders

Malverines – The  Leaders

At the top of the Gang are the Leaders, those in charge of running everything and making sure the Club prospers.


The  Boss
The leader of the Club and the one who holds the gavel during meetings at the Table.


The Second
The second in command and the adviser to the Boss.


Sovereigns – The  Leaders

The Unit at the top is led by the Leaders, those in charge of keeping the Sovereigns on Track and making sure the BrightStar succeeds.


The Captain

The Captain is the leader and the one who all must listen to when decisions need to be made.


The Hand

The captains right hand man and adviser in Unit decisions.



The Advancement concept is a way for players in BlackSky to seek character development and evolution beyond the simple concept of rank. Within the Malverines or Sovereigns a member can earn several different things through Roleplay that can be used to define your position within the Club. Advancement can be broken down into a few key aspects:

  1. Patches: Patches are much like a motorcycle Club patch in real life! Those who work hard and meet the requirements can gain a patch that includes along with it expanded priveleges, rights, and access to new services and goods from the Club. This can also include jobs or simply mark you with a sense of pride!
  2. Title: A title is a addition to your character’s name (ex: Jim “The Dog” Leftcourt), or it can be a form of social Patch given to the individual by the Officers, or Leaders of the Club Or Unit.
  3. Badge: A badge is a permanent achievement within the Club or Unit. These are tattoos, and scars. Marks that permanently mark a member and their history with the Club or Unit.


A full current list of all active IC Achievements can be found on the IC Achievement Page.

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