Malverine Achievements

This is an active list of the achievements that a player can current earn in the BlackSky Malverines.


A quick reference:

  1. Patches - A patch is self-explanatory, a patch of cloth sewn onto the primary uniform of the individual and awarded by the Officers, and Leader of a Faction.
  2. Title - Titles are earned through social action, and storytelling. They mark one’s reputation in the Faction at large. The “Kid” might be a top-notch newbie, or the “Jinx” might be an unlucky soldier. Titles are listed on character directory.
  3. Brands - Brands are permanent marks of actions done in name of the Character’s Faction. A scar earned in a fire fight saving the boss’ kid, versus a selective Tattoo awarded for years of veteran service.




The Granger patch is for a member of the Club who has shown aptitude, and skill in their chosen job or jobs. A cut above, and able to improve and innovate when need be.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Be an established support role worker within the Club.
  • Be vouched for in their skills by an Officer, a Leader, or two Patched Members.


Those who wear the Beast patch are the foundation of fighters within the Club, and have shown their ability to defend their fellow Malverines in a good brawl.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Taken part in one raid, or engagement with hostile force, or group.



A patch that marks blood shed int he crucible of combat, and the glorious fight for freedom. Enforcers must have the Beast patch to show their previous skill, and tenacity to defend the Club.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Must have the Operative Patch.
  • Partaken in at least three engagements with the enemy Malverines.
  • Taken at least one bounty from the Malverines.



A patch that marks the right given to a member by the Table to execute another individual. Reapers are some of the hardest and coldest members of the Club in general.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Be tasked by the Table to Execute at least -one- kill order.
    Complete the Kill order with as few loose ends as possible.
    Have the Enforcer Patch.



A member who has shown decent knowledge of Nexus landsscape and drive to discover its mysteries.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Taken at least two bounties from the Malverines
  • Participated in at least three expeditions into the depths of Nexus (Shiphand Missions, Adventures,
  • Dungeons etc ICly).



A sort of pioneering mountain-person of Nexus, the Trailblazer is a fringe worthy Malverine that has exceeded basic knowledge of tracking and adventuring.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Taken at least five bounties from the Malverines.
  • Participated in at least six expeditions into the depths of Nexus.



A member who has proven their skill in science, and the advancement of knowledge. They are a cut above the common technicians that work for the Malverines as a whole.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Have taken part in at least three scientifict expeditions or raids on Nexus.
  • Shown aptitude in a chosen field of Science (can be done using crafting to display knowledge).
  • Have at least contributed a well known development, discovery, or work of Science to the Malverines. (An expedition that is part of an episode, building many new weapons for people, developing a new drug ICLy).



The Settler Patch is used to designate those with charisma, and the ability to sociall work clients for the Malverines.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Land three new clients or contracts for the Malverines.
  • Have established themselves in a social Role such as Bookie, Loan Shark, or even as a Combatant with a reputation to get the job done.
  • Maintain a clean reputation. Patch will be lost if you bring a bad name to the Malverines.



The Mentor patch is given to those who have shown aptitude in mentoring and indoctrinating Prospects into the Club.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Lead and help a member to their Patching.



Those who show an above average business acumen, or skills in finance are awarded this patch.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Have worked in the Radiance or in a Malverine backed business long enough to become a manager for at least three months.
  • You have a good reputation among your employees.
    Increased business for the Malverines as a whole, and job opportunities.


<Names’s> Mate

A formal -handfasting- patch marking two or more bound individuals.

To gain this patch a member must:

  • Find another person to consent, at least -one- individual must be a member. The other or others must at least be -Cadet Prospects-.
  • Gain permission from the standing leader of the Malverines for open fraternization.
  • Commit to a Mate Ceremony.




A passive, or unassertive individual.


Title applied to all Officers when only one is present. Applied to the Boss when he leads a raid.



Double Skull

The Double Skull is worn by those who are connected by a black chain. Both of the Skulls are grinning, and show the carefree nature of the Outlaw Malverines. Those that wear the Double Skull can forgo the uniform chest piece as the tattoo marks their devotion to the Club.

To gain this brand a member must:

  • Gain six patches. Including the Enforcer, and Beast Patches.
  • Been with the Malverine for six months.
  • Done time, or taken punishment from local authorities for the Malverines.


<Names’s> Blood

A tattoo brand earned through the Blood Rite ritual, only certain members may be approved to swear undying loyalty to each other as Blood-kin.

To gain this brand a member must:

  • Be a member for four months.
  • Have two patches.
  • Have at least one other member to swear to be a Blood-kin who meets the same requirements.


Old Grin
A black, and white tattoo with gold coloring of a snarling Malverine head, only awarded to the most prestigious members of the Club. The bearer’s of Old Grin are considered the top members of the Club in general.

To gain this brand a member must:

  • Have four patches.
  • Been a member for nine months.
  • Have mentored at least two Prospects to their Patching Ceremony.



Battle scars are self explanatory, they are the wounds scarred from combat with the enemy of the Malverines. Everyone adds to the prestige of the individual. Having several battle scars can be used to bypass some Patch, and Brand requirements.

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