Forum Announcement: Tags and Timestamps! (READ ME!)
09-08-2013, 06:31 PM
Tags and Timestamps! (READ ME!)
Hey guys to keep everything organized please date and stamp your threads appropriately!

Here is the timestap to stick in your opening post:
[b]Date:[/b] (Real life date, EX: 5/26)
[b]Location:[/b] Where in Nexus or WS is this located?
[b]Time of Day / Weather:[/b] Evening / Clear Skies

Stick the stamps in () at the end of the subject name you give the thread.

These are:
(OPEN) - Anyone can join the thread.
(CLOSED) - You must ask permission to join the thread.
(TAG: NAME of Character or Characters Involved) - This is a private thread between the characters and the OP of the thread.

Additional Tags:
NSWF - Stick this on ANY thread which may contain mature content!

Basic Etiquette
1) Posting order of the thread is generally established by when someone first posts their opening into the thread. This means if Jaybob is the OP and then Mary and John post after him. That is the current posting order for that thread.

Any additional characters joining the thread will then add. If Sue posts her OPENING on the second page after Mary, but before John, she is now added between those two in the order.

2) Before introducing new elements to the story (unless you are the OP) try to speak with those involved first. Any major changes to the goal or purpose of the scene at hand should be checked at all times with those involved.

3) If a thread is several pages in, and it is OPEN check with those involved if and how you can join in. If it is concluding you may want to join another thread instead. Or create a new thread related to the previous one, but further along in the story.

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