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Full Version: Important Threads & Stickies (READ ME)
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Important Threads & Stickies (READ ME) - ShadowedSin

Important Threads & Stickies

There are a lot of Stickies or Important threads scattered throughout our website, and they can sometimes be slightly difficult to find. For that reason this thread shall serve as a central directory for such things so that newcomers and members alike shall know where they are :3

Very Important Pages you may Missed

Chronicle - All IC updates and new information to the guild story and setting!
Blog - Where our guild design, discussion, and Wild-Star aspirations blog entries go!
Staff Page - A list of all active staff in the guild.

Events Calendar - A Calendar where all our active events or community events are posted.

Very Important Threads
Guild Limits and Preferences - A thread dedicated to listing the stances we take on certain topics in inter-guild roleplay.
Lore Links - Our compliation of active lore sources.
Jacket Template - Our character profile template.
Character Directory - List of all active characters in the BlackSky Saga.
Creating an IC Thread - The basics to creating a Roleplay thread.

Threads of Note
Guild Pride - A thread where we list our guild signatures and means of showing off guild membership.
Club and Agency Connections - A thread about creating characters with existing Club or Agency connections.

Templates and Forms
Connection / Shipping Template - A form for plotting or building character connections.

Malverine Faction Threads
Malverine Officer Hours - A list of availabilities for the Officers focused on the Malverine faction.
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