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Full Version: User Color Information (READ ME!)
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User Color Information (READ ME!) - ShadowedSin

User Color Information (READ ME!)
Here are a rough expanation for the colored usergroups here on the forums:

Leaders / Administrators - This is the color marking members of the guild leadership! (Guild Leader / Guild Adviser)
    ShadowedSin - Leader of the BlackSky Community, Malverine Faction Lead

Officers - This wonderful color marks our Officers, or the Senior Staff of BlackSky.
    zbug84 - Officer of BlackSky, Sovereign Faction Lead

Deputies - Deputies are assistant Officers, or Junior Staff of BlackSky.
    OneEyed - Deputy of BlackSky, Sov
    scriptorium - Deputy of BlackSky, Sovereign General Deputy, IA Specialist
    Coyotzin - Deputy of BlackSky, Story Assitant, Sov Newbie Mentor
    Durnok/b] - Deputy of BlackSky, Content Adviser (PvP and PvE)
    - Deputy of BlackSky, Story Assistant, Malv Newbie Mentor

Members - Our general membership, and made up veterans, and former Prospects alike!

Cadets - Prospects nominated to become members in the quarterly Ceremony of Membership!

Associates - Veteran Prospects who have been promoted for activity, and participation.

Prospects - All newly joined members to the BlackSky Community!
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