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Full Version: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
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Taru had clenched her eyes tightly for a time, refusing to see what was around her. Her ears, although flat, still picked up plenty. The sound of units advancing on their position. And machines. Dominion no doubt. The aurin only seemed to relax when Rexana's hold on her loosened, which allowed her to take some deeper breaths in an attempt to calm her nerves. It didn't work, of course, but she thought she would try. The grip tightened again when she heard a familiar sounding voice come out of a nearby device. Her eyes opened, and in already looking towards the saloon, she saw Shiori standing there with something odd on his back. She wasn't sure what it was, and she wasn't going to ask questions, but Taru was definitely happy to see him. Her heartbeat increased and the tip of her tail wiggled anxiously as she lifted her head and swiveled her ears forward, becoming more attentive.
"We have rooms upstairs in the saloon. Should be a bed we can put him on. This way." Carna watches as Argyle picks up the unconscious Opie. She then walks in front of them leading them back to the saloon. While they walks he pulls a band off her wrist and ties back her long hair into a quick ponytail, to keep her hair out of her eyes.

Once back in the saloon, she looks at Dylan standing there. She sighs inwardly. Seeing him now he looked a little worse for wear, and she threw him away from that artifact before. Carna then looks over her shoulder to Argyle, "Just up those stairs there, should be fine. I'll be up in a minute."

Carna heads to Dylan, "Hey, Dylan, you feeling ok? Sorry about.. Before, just heat of the moment. Do you need help? I can't assure you it will do much, but," Carna puts up her hands, and a single little paper lantern looking things appears between her hands, "Should help with any pain or hurts." She pushes the little golden lantern to float lightly over Dylan's head. She smiles at him as reassuringly as she can.
Samuel paced back and forth on the small cargo space, the open sided section allowing the wind to cause his over coat to whip and snapped about his legs. He rolled his shoulders, gritted his teeth, he was agitated and not known for his patience. He continued to prowl like some caged beast meant for the hunting grounds. He flexed his fingers and heard the satisfying creak of the taught leather. The soon this was over with the better. He heard the chatter as someone new approached, it seemed Rexana had it in hand. A low growl escaped his lips, last thing he needed was 'complications' as long as as it was handled quickly and well, no one had to had to die. A new voice caused his attention to snap to another.

Before he could even think of adjusting the reticles and HUD shifted, suddenly zooming in to the best of their abilities. He smirked, a wicked thing to see. All channels still open. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the strange brawling purr blasted through the comes. "Oh my..'oh I'm a man of my word oh la-di-da" he snickers and mocks. "WOW Cathal...oh my this is just" another titter of laughter. "Please you know me darrllinnggg~ After all this time you should know me for release the woman first? When did this bitch start running the gang Cathal? Huh? Losing your game on me? Last time I checked I wasn't fucking talking to him" Samuel opened his arms wide as the copter continued to hover and keep its side pointed to Cathal. "We do this trade man to man ranged weaponry but a few inches of silver at your the brothel incident" Samuel smiled wide, plucking a curved blade of strange ivory wrapped in bands of worn leather about its hilt. He trusted Cathal would recall the rather wonderful knife fight the two shared at the aforementioned den of sin, he owed him a drink if he recalled rightly not to mention it was one of the few incidents when they had -both- been caught with their pants down. But his meaning would be clear to Cathal, two men would walk out, make the trade and leave with their 'goods'.

"We'll do a no man's land trade off darling~ You grab my stuff and I'll bring yours" he wiggles a limp wrist towards the prisoner. "We meet half way...bring that fine ass over here hahahaha" he chuckles rolling his neck and shoulders. Time to get this over with and if they played their cards right no one had to die, he had other things on his mind. A mad Lady Taylon was one of them, so bring back the artifact and execute a few prisoners and maybe she'd take her fangs out his flesh so to speak.


"We have rooms upstairs in the saloon. Should be a bed we can put him on. This way." Carna says. Argyle nods and picks up the unconscious Opie, heading back to the Saloon. She then walks in front of them, and While they're walking back she pulls a band off her wrist and ties back her long hair into a quick ponytail. Argyle struggles and grunts while carrying Opie around, "Damn it, this guy's heavy." He thought to himself, "Where's a Granok where you need one?"

Once back in the saloon, she looks at someone standing there. She sighs inwardly and looks over her shoulder to Argyle, "Just up those stairs there, should be fine. I'll be up in a minute." Argyle nods, probably finding someone else who needs medical attention. "Alright, I'll keep him safe." He walks upstairs, trying not to slip through the cracks and broken pieces of the stairway. Once he reached the second floor, he found a room with a bed and went to it. "Damn, is this the kind of thing that happens every day? They'll definitely need me here to keep these poor, dumb bastards alive." He lies him down on the bed and breathes heavily, feeling tired from carrying his unconscious body. "This guy is lucky enough to just get knocked out and with only minor cuts and bruises." He checks the body, finding some cuts he could just throw a few Bandages on him. He unholsters his gun from his coat pocket and gives him a regenative sigil. "That'll get ya back on your feet quick, and out that damn bed for someone who needs it more." He says to the Unconscious Opie.
So many fucking variables to account for, this was not good. Things were getting tenser by the moment as he kept his eyes on the chopper and listened for the artifact to be brought to him. He had made the order and then one of his eyes twitched. The kid had gone off and made a counter offer on his own. Cathal was about to snap something at the man when as per usual Samuel was already cackling. When he was done he was going to teach them a bit about dealing with the Talyn's and with the man called the Butcher (Cathal thought it was a ridiculous name and far from accurate).

"Rule One of dealing with Sovereigns, don't blood make counter offers they usually just fucking shoot everyone," Cathal said over the com and then added, "Shiori, I'm going to create a portal in a few minutes. Give me your coordinates and once it forms toss me the artifact. We'll make this exchange as quick as possible."

Cathal was no manner interested in seeing this farce go on any longer. Why in the world they had brought all the fire power and not just killed them only spoke to the inefficiency of the Sovereigns as a whole. The tirade by the great Samuel Delmonte about the silver was a story that Cathal despise. He was surveying a brothel a while back on a space station when Samuel had turned up while he was speaking to a few of the girls. In the end they had spent three hours throwing knives and trying to stab each other. He still had the fucking scar and Samuel's favorite skinning knife on him.

"Alright samuel bring her down an my people will fall back, I'll then get ye the artifact once I see Taru is safe."

He said and then said to the Malverines, "Fall back to the Saloon, and Shio, and Dylan. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP! Once that portal opens kid toss the Artifact through."

He took a breath and kept the portal in his mind, the revolver in his right hand.
Scavara stopped and raised her hands slightly, palms out, when the soldiers trained their guns on her. She lowered her hands and moved forward though when the female mechari told them to lower their weapons. By her black, medium armored outfit (she had the glow turned off) complete with a half face mask, it would be obvious that this draken was a stalker.

Dalek, the brown colored scan bot, followed her. It flashed its lights at Rexanana, in a seemingly joyful pattern. The little machine didn't have true emotion, but it did have some AI so it came a bit close, so it was glad to see another machine. Scavara looked down at the little bot. "Stay." She ordered before approaching the group. She didn't come too close, though, out of respect for..well, whatever they were doing.

Scavara wasn't put off by the mechari's cold attitude. She figured it was just normal mechari behavior. "Scavara. Stalker. Scientist. And battlefields are fu-" She also stopped speaking (in the middle of the world fun) when the human (obviously Exile) approached them with...

Wait. Was than an Eldan Artifact?! Scavara didn’t know exactly what it was, but she could tell by the appearance that it was Eldan. She was a scientist, so recognizing Eldan artifacts was her job. Scavara held back a snarl. How dare those filthy Exiles touch it? All Eldan artifacts rightfully belong to the Dominon! Her thoughts would be obvious by the way she was glaring at Shiori.

But, Scavara didn’t speak, and she didn’t move. She had even forced herself to stop glaring at the human. She was smart enough to realize now that this was probably an exchange, and knew that if she did move or speak, it would probably mess it up. And there was no way Scavara would mess up the chance of the Dominion acquiring an Eldan artifact, especially one that was in Exile hands. But did she stay on her toes, so that she would be ready to move if the mechari (who, judging by her posture, probably out ranked the female draken) ordered her too.

Scavara really wanted to help out this Dominion unit now, and she knew she could be useful. She hadn’t seen another scan-bot besides her own, after all, so that might mean she was the only scientist around.
Shiori growled lowly, and really there wasn't any other way to describe the noise that escaped his throat. Scanning over everything, the young man mentally connected to his droids to return to the pack he had on the ground and disarm themselves as a small spherical droid with a glowing green eye floated out and above the pack to start herding them into it.

After he sent the order, Shiori then broadcast a location about five feet to his left to Cathal before leaning against a tree with the artifact in hand as he waited on the apparent measuring contest to begin. It seriously baffled him that their commander turned down the same deal he offered to Cathal, but he merely waited quietly after giving Taru a brief reassuring smile.
He waited and then a few moments later the coordinates appeared over the com and he registered the location. Within a second he flicked his automatic pistol and a portal appeared for a few moments. He held it long enough to let Shiori toss the artifact through. Whatever the situation things had to move forward. There was not much else to do but wait.

"Lets get this over with."
Dylan watched with mild amusement as Shiori attempted to wipe away all the snoglug pudding from the artifact before hauling it off and out of the saloon, his 'dear friend' following behind him.

"Well, that was easy," He thought to himself, "Didn't think he'd actually do it." Dylan shrugged his shoulders as he chuckled to himself. That's when his shoulder reminded him that being shot was no laughing matter by once again sending a stabbing spear of pain down his arm. Wincing, Dylan grabbed his right arm with his left hand to make it as stationary as possible as he re-inventoried his surroundings, looking for something that might help his injury, not to mention any Dominion troops that might be bum-rushing the now significantly 'ventilated' saloon.

Shuffling through the debris of the saloon, Dylan could still hear plenty of chatter on the open comm channels, sounded like "the Professor" was trying to to play negotiator and for the most part, getting laughed at. "Hope the guy doesn't go get himself killed" Dylan mused to himself as he continued to search for medical supplies, "I might feel kinda bad about that."

His brief hint of regret was interrupted as he watched Carna come back into the saloon with some other guy he'd not met. He was carrying one of the new pledges into the bar from out on the road. Looked like he was unconscious... or at least Dylan hoped all he was was unconscious.

Carna pointed at the stairs and the new guy started carrying the wounded probie up what was left of the stairs towards the second floor. "Just up those stairs there, should be fine. I'll be up in a minute,"
Carna said to the man as he made his way upstairs. Then turning to Dylan she added, "Hey, Dylan, you feeling ok? Sorry about.. Before, just heat of the moment. Do you need help? I can't assure you it will do much, but..."

Carna's words trailed off as she lifted her hands into the air and with a flash of Esper power, caused a single glowing orb to appear, shaped much like a little paper lantern hovering between her hands. "Should help with any pain or hurts," She added as she pushed the little golden lantern to float lightly over Dylan's head and smiled at him reassuringly.

Dylan stared at the glowing lantern-shaped energy that now hovered over his head. "Why do they always have to make them some pretty little thing?" he thought to himself, "This looks ridiculous. I'm not an outdoor patio here that I need to be decorated. I mean a simple 'glowing orb' of ..." Dylan's thoughts were interrupted by the sudden tingling in his shoulder, as if his whole arm had fallen asleep and was suddenly getting blood-flow again. Turning to look down at his wound, he felt his whole arm get warm and as Carna had indicated, it did suddenly feel better. Less like a gunshot wound and more like someone had just punched him really hard in the shoulder. It was an improvement at least. Maybe he could put up with the silly lantern after all.

"Thanks," he said to Carna, returning her smile. "That's better." He nodded towards the stairs, an uncharacteristic look of concern on his face "Is the probie alright? He look pretty worse for..."

"Fall back to the Saloon, and Shio, and Dylan. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP!" Yelled Cathal's voice across the comm channels loud enough to not only interrupt Dylan but make him wince.

"What?!" Dylan said with indigence to no one in particular since Cathal was not standing there, the look of concern on his face now gone, "What the hell did I do?! Look, this is all on the professor! he's the one who high-tailed it out of here with that crazy doomsday box!" Dylan frowned at Carna after broadcasting his response, "Great, huh? Ya put your life on the line and what do you get?! Huh? HUH? Nothing but 'don't fuck this up'!" Dylan fumed, then speaking once again to the comm unit he added, "And I'm already IN the Saloon, by the way!"

Pushing past Carna Dylan began to head towards the bar muttering, "I think I've earned myself a drink. Something Expensive..." All the while, the tiny lantern continued to hover over Dylan's head as he rummaged through the broken bottles and debris, making his rant a little harder to take seriously.

Carna giggles lightly and walks up behind Dylan. Her hand finds the mans head and she ruffles up his hair and chuckles, "Stay safe. I gotta an injured person upstairs." She leaves Dylan and her spell to find Argyle.

She watches the man use a restorative sigil, before she does the same spell she used on Dylan, leaving 2 little paper lanterns floating over Opie and looks at Argyle, "I'm going to go out and look again for anyone. I haven't seen Fortek, large burly Granok fellow, hard to miss types. Going to see if I can find him." She nods at Argyle and smiles.

"Thanks, too." She says to Argyle before leaving him and Opie. Carna comes back down into the Saloon and nods at Dylan, then she heads outside again. She begins her survey of the rest of the area looking for any more injured.

She walks around some of the wreckage of the skirmish before coming upon a large downed tree. Yikes, hopefully no one was cau- Carna's hand comes to her mouth and she gasps. "FORTEK!" she calls and runs to a large granok arm and hand limply protruding from underneath the fallen tree. "By Myala's garters man, be ok!"

Carna pokes at the rock mans tough skin, but she cannot find a pulse, probably because of the rocky skin. She huffs in frustration. She backs away from Fortek and the tree and looks at it sizing it up. Carna stamps into a strong stance and her eyes glow blue. "RAAAH!" She exclaims and a large blue hand appears and crashes into the side of the tree. The tree moans and cracks and is pushed off of Fortek.

Carna fixes a stray lock of hair and pulls it away from her face breathing heavily before calming herself breaths and sprint back to Fortek. He was face down on the ground. Carna rubs her hands together and grabs onto Fortek's large arm and pulls and pushes up trying to turn the granok over. She failed misribly and her fleet slide on from underneath her and she falls to her knees. "Becoming quite the fatass, man. Sheesh. Cut back on the beer." She smirks lightly at her little quip before trying to figure out what to do.


This was the first time the Mechari had seen Cathal up close. Her yellow eye crystals glow only a moment. She had only see his picture in his dossier and in reports. Looked like a rather insignificant human to her. She stands regally behind Samuel, as silent and unmoving as ever. She watches the long black haired man, Shio, lean against a tree as if he didn't have a care in the world. She doesn't regard him, only mental note of what this man looked like, studying him briefly.

She then looks back to Samuel and Cathal. This whole thing was about to end. They would get their Aurin back, and the artifact would be returned to them.
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