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Full Version: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
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Dylan rubbed the back of his head and glared sternly at Shiori as he walked away, babbling on about Elden tech this and Elden tech that...

"Yeah, well at least I can make up a verse without rhyming 'be' with 'be'..." he muttered softly but loud enough for anyone standing near him to hear. He continued to frown at Shiori as he watched him finish his monologue about the artifact and then stepped forward and injected, "Okay genius, so bottom line is YOU don't know how to open the thing either!" After delivering this 'cutting repartee' he leaned back against the small table again, and crossed his arms on his chest once more, giving Shiori a smug smirk as if daring him to prove him wrong.
The meeting began with little fanfare, and right off the bat his newest brother was trying to poke a damn artifact. Cathal's eyes narrowed slightly when the kid started poking at the damn thing. For a moment all he did was remain silent as he then said, "All we know it is a bomb. So randomly poking it is a bad idea."

Truth was at this point Cathal was a bit more in serious mode for the moment. He was quick to give a smirk when Fortek's great stony arm smacked Dylan's. For a second Cathal considered just going into a spiel, but for the moment he reclined a bit and let everyone drink in the full view of the artifact. It was a interesting to watch them all banter to each other. What much more could he do? The talked and Carnatia made a comment.

Did someone yell? (Thoughts aimed at Opie).

"Those cards ar' sometin' I pull fram a smaller box in the same crate thawt the bleeding cube is fram. I'm guessing their some sort o' keys or triggers."

He said bluntly, his eyes then ran his eyes over Taru's form. That never got old. Cathal noted one of the other prospects, some grunt named Terrier and the man sporting a new pinup tat. Interesting ink. Taru then leaned over to Cathal and he said, "Get some beer luv."

"Shio has a point...part of his translation includes the syllables "meh" and 'sa' I can suggest it means 'message'. Then there's a three letter ward in the translation and the ending syllable is, -ver-."

Taking a moment he then waited.
Dylan chimed in from where he stood just a few feet away from The Table, jerking his head in Shiori's direction as he spoke, "So, the rhyming professor over here, ...and I use at least one of those terms loosely, seemed to have quite the monologue about the thing. Assuming he knows what the hell he's talking about, ...and jury's still out on that one, sounds like one of those cards there starts this thing up. Sounds like everyone's voting for the silver one. Is there a slot or something you can slide one into anywhere on that box?"

Then glancing across the room at Taru, with barely a pause in his tempo (or thought process, for that matter) he waved a hand at Taru and added, "And yeah, - I'll have a beer."
In the cover of the copse of tree's, Capitan Samuel Delomonte hopped down from the small hovercopter adjusting his gauntlets as he went. He flexed his slender fingers, eyeing the segmented carapace and furthermore the inbuilt arrays that sat atop the gloves. He finally left them be, subconsciously sending a pulse of green light through the various corresponding components of his armour. He was in more appropriate gear at this point, more befitting a special operations raid. His torso was covered of the usual segmented carapace with various bandoleers, he wore the same segmented affair about his legs and his long barrelled pistol hung from his holster as usual. He rolled his shoulders now sporting the captains insignia and that of the unit upon the high collared, knee length jacket that hung over his frame.

His heeled calf high boots scrunched the brittle twigs as he prowled amongst the assorted troops that unloaded the various weapons, while others secured their gear for the upcoming assault. He past a group unloading the launcher, various heavy guns and mortar tube, he look over the hard ware with a wicked smile. "Prepare a heavy breacher charge for the for the mortar darlings..." he mulled over the idea. "Get a scatter round ready and I want anyone with hand launchers ready with a gas rounds. Masks should be ready accordingly" The two troops snapped into salute and went about the task as Samuel continued towards the edge of the trees, he soon found a trooper leant amongst various branches with a long rifle and scope. He'd already gotten a full scout report but he always preferred to see things for himself. The scout noticed his captains approach and offered his monocular, Samuel plucked it from the man's grip. Before he could adjust its settings it had zoomed and already link to his HUD. He smiled, these new upgrades still seemed to surprise him at times. He eyed the bar from afar, the quaint little town they had set up. He mused a moment, it almost seemed inviting.

A pity, at his order, he was about to unloaded a armoury at it. Well what was life without a little fun?
Vermana took to the ground a few moments behind the Captain, her heavy form clunking onto the grass and leaving rather significant footprints where she'd landed. The female Mechari had brought a rather large weapon of her own along with her; a modified Laser-pulse rifle with an elongated barrel for enhanced magnification and anti-diffusion, perfect for vaporizing targets at significant range. The weapon, though it appeared quite heavy, was leaned against her shoulder and carried around one arm, by its sling. Her uniform had not changed, as she wore the same apparel in both public and combat scenarios; the standard-issue Dominion uniform, though it was a bit flattering worn over her overtly-feminine chassis.

"I will supervise deployment of the heavy armature, and assist with this operation from a nearby location." She took a place a few steps behind him, standing straight and narrow as always, ticking her pincers together as she paused. "Additionally. If I may advise, Captain, standard-issue Heavy Breaching Charges may be too destructive for this operation. The explosion may damage the Dominion Artifacts you are charged with recovering."

She spoke quickly, before turning back around to look over the men hauling weapon cases onto the ground. She made a few direct hand gestures to point out the placement for each of them, and then proceeded to breach her weapon and load a fresh cell into the compartment, before turning back to Samuel and standing nearby, awaiting any new orders.
Taru nodded to those who gave her their orders and immediately sauntered behind the bar to fill up two mugs of Warrior's Stout, serving them promptly to Dylan and Cathal. If anyone else requested any drinks in particular, she would have fetched the beverages for them. Afterwards, she returned to the mop and bucket she abandoned briefly and started cleaning the floorboards behind the bar. She half payed attention to what the others were discussing, though she didn't care to actively participate since it she knew almost nothing on the matter of which they spoke.

Instead, she deferred to her work as a simple waitress and caretaker of the smooth surfaces she was tasked to keep clean. The narrow, but lengthy space behind the bar didn't take too long mop down, and once she was done with it, she leaned the mop against the counter. She lifted the bucket of dirty water and walked through the kitchen to the rear entryway where she emerged on the side of the saloon closest to the forest. Her hands cradled the bucket carefully as she tipped it over and spilled the dirty water somewhere out of the way.

Those sensitive ears of her were on alert since she was alone outside, but there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. Just an odd scent carried on the wind- not that odd scents were unusual around the more successful settlements. Taru took the emptied bucket firmly by the handle and looked in the direction of the forest. The trees seemed to beckon her in the way that their branches moved, and she couldn't help but take a small step forward. She wanted to run to them... alas, she had work to do. The girl heaved a bit and rubbed the tip of her nose before closing her eyes to take in a deep, slow breath.

Carna had ordered a simple glass of juice before Taru did all those things. It now sits in front of her as she is still holding the 2 cards in her hand. She listens to Shio, and looks to Dylan. She gives a small chuckle for some reason or another. But she sits back in her chair. Her long, translucent dragonfly wing ears wave every slightly giving a little shimmer. Carna pushes hair out of her eyes.

She only leans forward when Dylan asks his question. She begins to look for a slot for a card or anything. She assumes it was safe to touch, as Cathal had to bring it up here in the first place. She neatly places the cards down on her lap, and reaches over pull the cube closer to her. She puts the glass of juice to the side and begins examining it herself.

"Does anyone have a scan-bot sitting around? I know for a fact that ones distributing through XAS have great scanning capabilities and an extensive catalog of information at their disposal." Carna asks.

Carna keeps the cube in front of her picking up the two other cards from her lap again and look at them, and look at the cube.


Rexana watches quietly from nearby. Her usual erect pose with arm folded neatly behind her back. She recalls having to do most of the paper work to requisition most of this equipment for the Captain. She thought it was all way to much for the sake of a small bar full of common thugs.

She walks quietly and approaches beside Vermana. She is quite light on her feet for a Mechari, as apposed to Vermana's heavy steps, there was next to no sound to alert them to her approach.

"Yes they are very destructive," Rexana says in her cool feminine metallic way, "And unneeded. Yes, they are these 'Malverines', Captain, but last I scoured my memories, Malverines were nothing but brute creatures. Much like the criminal thugs, which are usually handled by standard issue equipment and proud Dominion soldiers. Not with a small armoury, but I digress."

Rexana watches as Vermana's gun for a moment, "They will damage the artifact, and any others they may have." She looks at Samuel with her usual stoic and emotionless expression.
Samuel continued to observe furrowing his brow as a Aurin came into view, the HUD display quickly giving him height and distance of the subject. They had files on the majority of 'known' Malverines, she wasn't matching any. A prospect perhaps, though the clothing didn't really scream 'biker girl' by any stretch. But no point over thinking it, she was part of a Malverine structure that made her a target like the rest. Simple.

Over his shoulder he heard his new 'advisor's' the rather interesting pair of Mechari, he mulled over the suggestions and finally spun about his heel sending the monocular spinning back into the long rifle wielding troopers arms. "Noted." He paces back to the preparing troops, barking out a few orders here and there, over looking the mounted units that were preparing as he adjusted some other aspects of the plan. "Delay the heavy breacher order...screecher rounds, scatter mortars are to fire wide and indiscriminately. Watch word is Shock and awe, I repeat Shock and Awe." this caused a flurry of movement, including the unpacking of certain white tipped rockets and a array of sir yes sir. He eyed the various flurry of motion. "As for the Malverines...don't underestimate thugs" he smirked at that comment. "Furthermore I have no intention of entering this fight on even terms...we are the Dominion, we are Sovereign rough riders...we have reputation to uphold darlings. Prepare for the assault, you have your orders, await my command to commence the opening barrage." He smiled as continued his exception of the readying Calvary unit as well as prepare his own equipment. Leaving the scout behind to continue his surveillance of the area.
Shiori sighed and looked at Dylan seriously. "Do I know exactly how to open it. No. Do I understand more than you? Yes. Do I know that randomly poking an Eldan artifact will have a good chance of killing all of us? Much more than you. So if you wish to send cutting repartee at me, at least do me the courtesy of knowing what you're talking about." With that out of the way he set the card down next to Carna before studying the artifact next to her. "See anything with a silver and red marking?"
Dylan waited for Shiori to turn around after his 'rant' and refocus his attention on the Eldan artifact on the table. Then, taking a step or two forward and behind him, he began, in sophomoric fashion, to scrunch up his face and roll his eyes, moving his mouth as Shiori continued to talk as if mocking him. However, he was careful to instantly appear to be standing there doing something completely neutral and benign every time Shiroi might possibly turn around.
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