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Full Version: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
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Carna watches the scene in front of her. She holds the cards in her hands, resting on her lap. She Dragonfly ears appear to shimmy a bit from a chill by listening to the strange voice. She looks to Cathal, who seems rather lost in his own concentrations, watching himself.

"Harbinger?" Carna says out loud and watches as the crystal on the top of the cube began to globe as a bunch of strange little symbols appeared in a holo-projection above the crystal surface. The line of symbols were slowly decreasing somehow in amount.

"Is that a good or a-" Carna stops talking she her ears and head turns to the the left at the sound of a "FSHSHHHHHWHHHUUUMP" is heard. Suddenly the door blew off the hinges of the saloon. Carna brings up her hands, clutching the cards she still has tightly, and shields her face. Though Cathal was between her and the door.

"HIT THE DECK!" Carna yells. She pushes back from the table, and kneels besides her chair away from the windows. Then without thinking about it much places the cards into her bra for safe keeping. With a quick fixing of her bra it looks like nothing is in it. She looks back to her chair and sees her psyblade hanging lazily from it. She grabs it and pulls it around onto her back.

SHe sighs a huff and wipes hair from her eyes, "Cathal!? Can you hear me? Shiori? Dylan? Anybody, is everyone ok?" She calls out. There is now a smoke in the bar, and she doesn't feel like poking her head up yet.


Rexana nods at he order simply, and sighs inwardly. She then turns to head to the heavy ordinance. She doesn't pause to see if Vermana has anything to say. She is at the mortar and things soon, with some saluting to her, which she ignores. She doesn't say anything and only waits for the order to fire. She hears the first missile fire, and she follows it zooming in on it slightly with her optics. SHe brings a hand up to signal the mortar users to be at the ready.

Fortek heard the noise, and his grip on his rifle tightened. Then the wave of heat and energy hit his stone face, and his eyes narrowed. Fortek was closest to the door, and it was quite fortunate; his stone skin allowed him a level of protection from the heat and fire from the explosion. He quickly leapt out and forwards, to offer his tough figure as a shield and to get closer-range shots at whatever was coming. He stayed clear of the danger zone around the door, and prepped his rifle as debris, smoke, and sparks whizzed through the air around him.

Not only was church interrupted, quite rudely... but someone had shot the saloon. Someone had SHOT the saloon. You could shoot Fortek, and he'd glare at you, beat you up, but you'd still live. Shoot something he helped build with his own hands? You goin' die, son. You goin' die. Thus, Fortek quietly and quite fearsomely made his stand in front of the others; eleven feet tall, made of living stone, and ready to kick arse, he was NOT messing around.
Vermana spun her head to check on the mortar team that Rexana now watched over. She was a bit too involved with her own weapon to look over another, but kept the team in the corner of her optic as she finished loading and setting her precision laser-rifle, then moved on to push one large shell into a second sizable armament, taken from one of the weapons crates. Her pincers clicked as she noted the opening made by first rocket blast; unfortunately her prime targets had almost all taken cover, or were about to, making her precision weapon all but useless for the time being.
Vermana reserved to use her preferred weapon for clean-up duty; it would be much more efficient at killing the poor disoriented flesh-bags after 'shock and awe'.

The female Mechari lay on her front behind her second rifle, though it was more like a cannon than anything else. The weapon was loaded with a high velocity, high explosive round, and trained right into the opening.. She stared down her scope, waiting to fire on the captain's signal.
Shiori had set his datapad to record everything as soon as the artifact started clearing up. Once the symbols started counting down and the word Harbinger flashed up he blinked. "Ok, that doesn't bode well." But it was then that the missile hit the door and he ducked before his nanobots kicked into overdrive. Ocular implants kicking into gear, he scanned the area with his enhanced eyesight as his scanning eyepiece saw through the smoke.

"Dominion round. Activating combat protocols in recon and assassination mode. Activating chaos defense protocol, excluding unit Yucca. Engaging." And with that his form vanished from sight as he took up a position where he could observe everything from his cloaked position. "I am fine Carna. I can keep radio silence or keep an active channel. My blades are at your disposal."
"What the jabbit loving, son of a ..." Opie said rubbing his eyes and trying to focus. He had almost made it to the saloon when suddenly he had been blown off his feet and thrown behind a group of hover bikes. Slowly getting his barrings Opie knelt behind the bikes surveying exactly what happened. The saloon had a gaping hole where the entrance use to be. Pieces still falling down from the demolished opening. It was clear it had been hit some some sort of high impact ordnance.

Opie couldn't make out the scene inside the saloon due to the all the smoke, dust, and outward light. Had to be Dominion or at least Dominion supplied. No way the Darkspur Cartel had that kind of expendable fire-power. Such a heavy direct attack smacks of Dominion shock and awe policy. Reduce the opposition to dust, leave nothing to chance, and figuratively clean up the mess afterward. Opie sighed heavily, 'this just might not be survivable' he thought. But Opie had a job to do and wasn't about to let some heavy-hand people take it from him. Still he only had his claw-blades on him, hardly useful in this situation. Just have to wait behind cover and see how this scene unfolds.
Terrier raised an arm to protect his face as the explosion hit. Seeing Fortek step out of the smoking hole , he quickly fell into step beside the other Granok while pulling his Tech sword from his back. Unlike Fortek, however, quiet was not a word to describe Terrier. A constant whooping and roaring comes out of the massive granok, as if inviting the attackers to shoot at him.
The sound of his mother's stern voice when he'd pushed it too far...

Solomon, his former Granok drill sergeant's string of furious profanity...

The bedroom door opening and the silhouette of the father of the girl he'd just spent the night with in the doorway of her room just as Dylan was putting his pants on...

All these things were effective, but few of them had the ability to wipe a stupid smile off Dylan's face and re-focus him like an explosion going off roughly 30 feet away.

Dylan's mocking pantomime routine was suddenly interrupted as he half dived (half was flung) behind some now overturned tables about forty feet away from the entrance to the saloon when the explosion hit. In the immediate chaos that followed there were a lot of people talking at once. Between the yells and grunts (that sounded unsurprisingly Granok in nature) Dylan heard Carna yell for a roll call, asking if everyone was alright. Rolling to his side and coughing out some of the dust that now filled the air as the debris from the explosion settled on the floor, he heard Shiori chime in sometime about 'radios' and 'blades'.

Slowly he pushed himself up to one knee, rolled his head from side to side and did a quick self-diagnosis to make sure all parts were accounted for and working. One can never be too sure in an explosion. Seeing no obvious wounds or pieces of shrapnel embedded in his person, he reached instinctively for his weapons and found some small comfort in discovering that they were both still secure in their holsters on his hips. Flipping the straps on the holsters with his thumbs, he drew them both out as he put his back to the overturned table he was now using as makeshift cover.

All this took roughly twelve seconds though it seemed to Dylan much longer. "Hello, old friend," he thought to himself as he felt the adrenaline course through his veins and his pulse quicken now that he'd had a moment to realize what was happening and the gravity of the situation.

"I'm okay!" he yelled in response to Carna's initial question, "I don't know who double parked out front, but it has obviously pissed someone off royally! Don't we have a 'no blowing shit up' rule here at the saloon?! I'm pretty sure I heard the Boss say that to the professor just a few days ago!" he added as he jerked his head in Shiori's direction. As an afterthought he added with a somewhat smug tone, "I'd also just like to say, for the record, that I did not activate that countdown on that Eldan box thing!"

Having finished his disclaimer, he slowly peeked his head up over the edge of the table he was behind to survey the room and to look for something to shoot. As he peered through the dusty, smoking hole that was now the saloon's front door, he noticed a now empty mug of Warrior's Stout laying on it's side a few feet away. "At least I didn't spill the drink this time," he thought to himself with a slight chuckle.
A strange whine and thrusting sound suddenly filled the air as Cathal blinked once. What the fuck? Suddenly the area around the door shuddered as the opening to the saloon was struck by a thunderous explosion as the door was shattered on contact with something from the outside. Cathal immediately as Carna pushed away from the table and Cathal instantly flillped around and jumped toward the bar. Lifting up one of his mag pistols he jumped behind the bar and took a breath. Standing up the man quickly lifted his pistols and open fire as two large blue sigils appeared before each gun.

"Time to ask questions later, FUCKING SHOOT!" he said as he made sure the area near the door was clear before firing a blast of ice magic out the door. Heat seemed to fill the entire room as he noticed that Opie was unaccounted for, dammit. Where was Taru? He looked around as noted that Dylan was on his feet and Carna was making way to protect some of the goods.

"Kid tell me who the fuck is out there," he said over the com to Shiori who apparently had sighted whoever was attacking them.
Carna watches as some of the initial smoke settles. She sees one of the prospects egging on the oncoming, whatever is/whoever is attacking them. She hears Shio respond to her, as well as Cathal's own call out. Her heart thumps in her chest. The suddenness of the explosion definitely gave her a little jolt.

"Do as Cathal said, figure out who is out there first!" She calls back to Shio.

Carna moves low across the floor of the saloon trying to find herself a better vantage point. She excelled best at her ranged abilities, but she would needs a better view of her targets.
Taru was in the middle of her silent jamming with a damp mop when the missle had come into contact with the building. She shrieked in genuine surprised, frozen in terror at the deafening sound and gripped the mop handle far too tightly. When Carnatia called 'Hit the deck!', she immediately dropped to the still-wet floor beneath her with her arms covering her head. Her body shook, but she otherwise remained still. An eye peeked out towards the floor to see what the others were doing. Preparing for a fight, that's what it looked like.
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