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Full Version: Preseason - Episode 2: The Church Raid (OPEN)
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"Time to ask questions later, FUCKING SHOOT!" Cathal yelled back in response to Dylan's snarky comments.

"Geeze, everyone's a critic," Dylan thought to himself as he took a deep breath and summoned up a sigil that hovered over him like a glowing mystic hula hoop. With a quick motion of his hand, the ring sank over him, causing him to disappear as it moved to the floor. At nearly the same instant, the ring reappeared just inside the large gaping hole that used to be the front door to the saloon. As it rose upward from the floor, Dylan reappeared inside its circumference until the ring rose above his head and dissipated into the air, leaving him standing in the rubble, both guns raised and pointed towards the landscape outside.

With a slightly manic look on his face, Dylan began unleashing a barrage of mystic-infused shots in a wide arc in front of the Saloon. The thrum of his weapons firing in almost automatic fashion combined with the surge of energy that pulsed off them as he fired made for a very dramatic scene. He aimed at every Dominion soldier he could see - and hit every one he aimed at - that is, 'none of them' considering... he couldn't see any.

"There's more where that came from too, you Dommie bastards! So just give yourselves up and maybe we'll..."

Dylan's 'diplomatic' proposal was never finished as the Dominion troops, ever the epitome of cold efficiency, gave him his answer before he even had a chance to complete it. A hail of gunfire ricocheted all around Dylan and across the front of the Saloon causing dust and small bits of debris to kick up all around him. A noise screeched out of Dylan's throat before he could override it that sounded suspiciously like the squeal of a small girl and he dove for cover back inside the saloon as best as he could, but not before his long overcoat managed to be pierced in several places by bullets barely missing his person.

Rolling along the inside of the saloon by the front wall, Dylan ended up in a crouched position, his pistols still drawn but his eyes a bit wider and his breathing a bit heavier.

"Dammit! They shot my coat!" he lamented while holding up a piece of the fabric on his coat and putting his finger through the newly acquired hole. Turning to the rest of the crew still assembled in the saloon he added, "Okay - I think I softened them up for you guys..."
Shiori checked his claw blades before unslinging the long rifle he had on his back and checking the rounds. Satisfied with it, he turned on the scanning device that extends over his left eye as the man's ocular implants kicked into high gear. Taking a steadying breath, his form shimmered before disappearing from sight as his cloak activated. Taking a peek outside, he scanned the area and frowned. Mortar platform, missile launcher, was that a sniper? He growled before raising his rifle and firing a shot in the sniper mechari's direction before ducking back inside.

"Explosives, missile launcher, mechari sniper, mortar position. Standard Dominion Shock and Awe policy. Not exactly shocking." He responded to Cathal before looking at Dylan as his cloak deactivated. His face was a mask of displeasure. "What the hell is wrong with you. You damn near took the express to the town of six feet under. And before you comment, don't even try to rationalize it. It was dumb, it was stupid, and I don't feel like burying anyone else."

Glancing back outside, he shouldered his rifle again before his cloak reengaged as he looked outside again. Spotting the mortar position once again, the implants calculated mathematical chances of hitting with the rifle based on distance, coverage, and the rifle statistics. Taking careful aim, he took the best chance of landing a shot, which to his calculations had a 41% chance of even getting in the general area and squeezed off three rounds as he cloak disengaged again before ducking back inside. "I get the feeling we're going to be getting hit with high explosive rounds from mortar fire if I didn't just hit something. On a side note there's also a gunship."
Samuel breathed deep, hearing the screech followed by the thunderous explosion intermixed with a rattle of firearms. A bloody symphony! he smiled broadly and began the next stage, his aerial position making it perfect for commands. After all he was a Captain now, he had a reputation to upkeep.

"SWING US AROUND" he roars to the pilot over the steady dirge of the hoverengines. "SECOND VOLLEY! TEAR THE THE SALOON OPEN! SHOW ME WHY I SHOULD CALL YOU ARMS MASTER VOLEX!" he eggs the Mechari on, he had not dealt with many so had no idea if it would work but so swept up in this rather exhilarating escapade he cared little. He snaps his attention back to the battlefield, with a swift motion he activated his com link to the mortar team. "ON MARK, FOUR WIDE SPREAD SCATTER ROUNDS...KEEP IT WIDE, RATTLE THEM DON'T DESTROY THE BUILDING!" he over looked wreckage they had caused already, some had even returned fire it seemed. Know Samuel could not 'feel' much of late, it had proven frustrating ever since the procedure curtsey of the Sovereigns. But he felt this...and it was goooodddd~

"ALL MOUNTED UNITS....ON MY WORD." He was eager to call the charge, but first their was the small matter of that armoury he had just ordered unloaded at them.

Dear Elden it was a good day to be a Sovereign!
Velox prepared his next shot while the mortar team on the ground prepared to open fire. The Helicopter had now flown past the saloon, and was turning to the left to come from behind. It was time to cause the ultimate chaos: if Velox shot from behind the saloon, the people inside could be unsure of where the next shots would be fired.... effectivly softening them up for the imminent mortar fire. Velox loved tactics, and appreciated Samuel's command of them... especially now that Velox had the opportunity to cook up some meat-bags.

"Taking Second Shot." said Velox, his metallic voice riseing over the noise of the helicopter at Samuel. The launcher's targeting system lined up with a weak-spot on the back wall of the saloon, a window. The missile shot straight at the target, but the greater distance of the shot and the turning of the chopper caused Velox to miss his shot; the missile would hit the wall instead.

A metallic laugh rolled out from Velox' twitching mechari mandibles. His green crystals flared in happiness as the explosion's light washed over him.
"On a side note there's also a gunship," Shiori said as if it was no more important than something like, "Oh, and the bread will burn faster in the left toaster slot."


The back wall of the saloon exploded sending more debris and shrapnel all across the floor and leaving a gaping hole in the wall up near the ceiling.

Dylan instinctively covered his head as the explosion rocked the room and then, looking up after all the plaster pieces and wood chips had settled, he glanced at Shiroi with a look of indignance, and added (his voice dripping with sarcasam), "Oh REALLY, genius?! I'm so glad you're here to tell us these things!"

Rexana watches as the motor shooters make their final preperations, her hand still firmly high in the air. Once all was set, and the word was mentioned, Rexana brought down her hand and the unmistakable sounds of mortar fire can now be heard.

The mortars ascend and being pounding down on the ground around the perimeter of the Saloon. Exploding up the Earth and spraying dirt everywhere. Some came threateningly close to the Saloon, definitely rattling the building. Rexana watches, emotionless as always. A bit over dramatic for her tastes, but as long as it distracted those in the bar.

"Captain, I am moving my position closer. I suggest we keep heavy fire closest to the front of the bar." Rexana radios out, eyeing the chopper shortly after it blew a hole in the back wall.

She looks to the mortar crew who were prepping their next shots. She turns and begins to examine the saloon. Her eyes glowing yellow as they zoom in and study it. She then turns and walks in front of the mortars to the other side of them. There, her nanites burst on and Rexana vanishes into thin air as her stealth systems come online.

Gracefully and quietly she emerges unseen from the trees and begins to make her way around the perimeter of the area moving swiftly in her stealth. She moves without any wasted movements until she is lined up with the newly formed hole in the back of the Saloon. She makes her way there, gracefully and with a gymnists grace dodging around the mortar holes.


Carna looks around the Saloon, she notices Taru on the floor, "Taru," She calls out through the mess, "Try to get somewhere s-" BOOM! the back wall is blown off.

"BY MYALA'S GARTERS!" Carna exclaims. Her dragonfly ears pressing down on her skull as she closes her eyes. "GO TARU! SOMEWHERE SAFE!" Then the sound of the falling mortar. Carna closes her eyes to compose herself. Her emotions needed to be in check. She calms, and she opens her eyes. There is a hint of Esper glow in her eyes.

"Shio, tell me where to target." She calls to him.

Fortek felt the second explosion from behind. Anger welled up inside of him, as his saloon was being destroyed by the Sovereigns. These were dominion cavalry tactics he knew; soften the target with fire and lightning before backing that up with iron and bullets. Fortek had one opinion of the Dominion: they were in the way, and lava burns things that get in the way.

However, lava isn't immune to mortar fire, and even if he was eleven feet tall, that's going to hurt. Thus, at the sound of the mortar fire, the experienced Granok man turned and dived away as the scatter shots exploded against the side, ceiling, and floor of the saloon. Being eleven feet tall did have its disadvantages though, the main being that he was... a big target. None of the mortar shots nailed him directly, but the fragments and shrapnel from the smaller explosions certainly did. Granok rock-skin wasn't true rock, although it was tougher than most sapient beings' skins. Metal shrapnel imbedded into him, making shallow but painful wounds all over his back. A particularly painful one dug into his left shoulder, and the basalt-colored rock man roared in pain.

Pain affects us all differently; for some people it causes a deer in the headlights reaction, others a fast retreat, and in those like Fortek, it causes an release of adrenaline to numb and prepare the body for a fight. The former happened then, as Fortek picked himself up from the splintered and debris-covered saloon floor. Then.. after the mortars had stopped firing... Fortek knew what he had to do.

For a granok who had just been injured, Fortek spoke up in a rather calm, level tone, one as grave as the look on his face. "They'll attack again Cath'l! We cant stay holed up. I'll take our armored Malverines out front to distract their next attack, but someone needs to evacuate the Paws!" That said, Fortek loaded some special rounds into his rifle and then said "Anyone with a will to fight.. FOLLOW ME!"

Fortek's right hand aimed the rifle towards the gaping hole in the front of the saloon, Fortek fired the RPG attached to the underneath of his weapon. The specially loaded smoke grenade burst onto the middle of the road, providing cover for the Malverine troops to start their counterattack. Fortek lead the charge, straight through the opening.
From a spot on the ground, Terrier shakes his head to clear the ringing sound. Not sure how he ended up on his butt on the porch, he assumed it was from an explosion closer than comfort dictated. Scrambling quickly to his feet he scans the area for anything to charge at, however, there were as of yet no dommies in the open. The only thing he could see was the circling gunship. Hearing Fortek's cry and seeing the smoke galvanized the Granok into action. As Fortek charged past, Terrier fell into step with him belting out a whoop and waving his sword around above his head like a flag. "BRING IT ON!!!!"
Vermana took her time to aim down her sight, barely phased as a few rounds struck the ground near her and more whizzed by her head. Her shields would hold up to any stray rounds the Exiles managed to throw her way.
Her scope found the source of the rounds, glimpsing him before he ducked back into cover. She aimed her high-powered rifle towards his position; a single shot would be enough to remove his cover and anything behind it, though she couldn't tell if he was hiding there any longer. The mortars came down a moment later, and the front of the saloon was quickly surrounded by smoke, whether it was from the blasts or deliberate cover was unclear.
The Mechari aimed toward the door, and fired her single high-explosive, high-velocity round right into the entrance, decorating the area with shrapnel. She transitioned to her second rifle afterwards instead of loading a second shot, and kept her sights focused on the smoke, noting Rexana's position heading towards it and waiting for the Exiles to come through into her cross-hairs.
Upon hearing Carnatia's voice calling to her, Taru shook herself from her fear, and scrambled quickly to her feet. However, the ceiling seemed to come crashing down, and it shook her enough to send her back onto the floor. She winced as she would have probably ended up bruising something, but it was nothing in comparison to what might happen if she didn't get to a safe spot. But what was safe if they were being assault both on land and in the air? Taru's ears clung to her skull- she was terrified.

The disoriented aurin brought herself to her feet a second time and made her way into the kitchen- probably not the safest place, but it was probably one of the least damaged. A few stray pieces of shrapnel dug into the walls flanking the doorway as she slipped through. Here she would lay low and found a small, metal cubby near the ground that she could conceal herself in. She curled up tightly, holding her legs close to her chest, and clenching her eyes shut. It was all a terrible dream..
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