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Full Version: Karolene's Application!
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1: I have always been interested in the more interaction-focused storylines, that allow for the players, through their characters, to interact and find common ground with others. Also, the more active plots, that force characters to act and evolve.

2: I prefer events that are focused, similarly, on interaction and communication between the people within it. I'm not a fan of events where every problem can be solved with "Shoot everything and run".
Final set of questions!

1. We wanna raid and take on other challenges such as warplots, what are your thoughts?

2. We plan on running two active hubs in game, basically taverns for each factiong guild. Your thoughts on this?
1: Yes! People to do raids with! Wooo! I approve!

2: Great idea! Provides a good spot to just get some casual RP without having to organize a big thing and herd people somewhere!
Looks good Karolene.

I would like to schedule your Rp introduction into the guild, would you like to do it over skype or forums?
Forums is probably better for me, since my schedule (Being in France for the next two weeks and all) is kinda unpredictable, and I'm not on at your peak hours. Smile
Do you have an idea of how you want your introduction to the gang to go?
Rather well, is the phrase that comes to mind. Big Grin
Otherwise? Not really!
K, well a scientist that creates weapons or things for the gang might go over well :3
Living weapons. Abominations.
Welcome to the BlackSky, Prospect!

Welcome to the BlackSky Community! As you have just passed our OOC interview the next step is your Roleplay introduction into the BlackSky!

To do this you can join an ongoing active open thread in our forums (ANY OPEN THREAD, check out the OOC Discussion if you need assistance!). You can also Rp your way in via skype with an officer, to do this just ask in here in your application thread or feel free to directly talk to an Officer (use your thread for this if you want to Big Grin). Finally, you can create a new OP in the Long Road forum to get an Rp going!

You will be a full prospect in the guild and on your way to earning your colors!

You can also work on your character bio (totally optional) and feel free to introduce yourself in the intro forum!
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