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Full Version: Scavara's application
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Main Character Name / Primary Alt Name: Scavara

Enjin / WildStar Central Username: Anorissa

IM Contacts: I don't have any IM programs downloaded, but I can download one if needed.

What is your primary region / timezone and playtimes?
East Coast/EST. I am normally always on my computer from 10:00pm - 12:30am or later. I also try to get on from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, but this is not always possible.

Are you eighteen or older?
Yes, I'm 20. I'll be 21 in November.

Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy?

[b]What are your primary playstyles?

Casual, Crafting, Dungeons. I've never rped in an mmo before, but I'm looking to get into it.

What is your roleplaying experience?
I've never rped in an mmo before, but I've been rping in the forums of a site called IMVU for around 6 years now.

What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the BlackSky as a Player?

I hope to learn how to rp in mmo's. After I do learn, I can contribute to guild rp events. Outside of rp, I do enjoy running low level dungeons on my higher level characters (I did this in WoW in my old guilds) and putting everything I get from those dungeons into the guild bank.

Would you like to join our guild Skype group?
Maybe after I've been in the guild for a bit. Being a petite girl, I'm kind of iffy about revealing my identity on the internet. Nothing personal, just for safety reasons.

Would you like to be on our mailing list for updates about the guild?

Are you a member of any additional guilds?
Not in Wildstar. I've been in plenty of guilds in other mmo's but no big-name ones.

Where did you find out about the BlackSky?
I read the ad on the WSRP forums, and Shadowsin messaged me on that site about this guild.

Any additional characters if so what Faction would they be in?
I will probably have an Aurin Esper or Spellslinger, but I'm not going to rp with her, and I'm probably going to leave her guildless on purpose. She'll just be made so I can see what Exile quests are like.

Any additional thoughts?

In-Character Questions
Draken, Female, Stalker, scientist.

Please describe your character appearance:
Scavara has a reddish-brown skin color that fades to a tan on the front of her torso, her face, her the inner part of her upper arms, the inside of her thighs, under her tail and the bottoms of her feet and hands. She has the standard bright green eyes of her race, and raven-black hair. Scavara has black stripes on her tail, torso, upper arms, cheeks, and thighs. She has the standard build of a draken female, and maybe a bit shorter than the average height. She has four horns.
(You can see pictures of her in the thread on WSRP titled Anorissa's art thread)

Please describe your character's personality:
Scavara doesn’t have the “kill first ask questions later” that most Draken seem to have (unless she’s angry). She doesn’t mind killing, though, and does enjoy it greatly. But she likes to learn and find out what would be the best way to kill something. That’s why she’s a scientist; she likes to learn.
Scavara likes to have a good time. She doesn’t care if that means going out to kill something or hitting the dance floor at a party.
Scavara has a violent temper. Like one of those people who wouldn’t think twice about killing someone if they got angry enough. Sometimes Scavara can control this pretty well, but other times she can’t (She definitely can’t if she drinks whiskey). This is probably because she wasn’t raised by Drakens for most of her life, so she was never really taught how to control her rage.
Perhaps the strangest thing about Scavara is her love of decorating. She loves to design furniture and interiors. In her spare time, she is always looking information on color, design, and interior design.

Please describe three strengths and three weaknesses about your character:
She's good at thievery.
This isn't a combat strength, but Scavara is pretty good when it comes to decorating interiors (at least, she thinks so)
If she's had enough wine, she can be pretty seductive (again, she thinks so.)

Scavara likes to drink. She tried to put limits on herself, but she never sticks to it
Despite being Draken, Scavara doesn’t completely understand their culture. This may lead her to accidently insult someone.
She's easily distracted by the smell of cooking meat.

What Faction would your character is your character joining?

Why would your character wish to join a either the Sovereigns or Maverinesb?

What kind of long term plotting, or character development plans do you have?
I plan for Scavara to discover what really happened to her parents someday.

Also, she wants to run her own interior design business on Nexus in the future.

Where would your character fit into the Club or Unit as a prospect?
In the club, she could either be a Dancer, or a Cocktailer. I think Dancer would be best. She'd find that fun.

For the unit, she'd probably be more into the asset roles. A scientist or dealer would be good.

How did you learn of, or encounter the Club or Agency?
Scavara happened across the Club by chance. Being a Scientist, she was looking for Eldan artifacts in Deradune. When she saw the club building, she decided to take a break so she could get a drink.

Do you mind the adult / violent nature of our Rp?

If you leave the club the club are willing to deal with consequences?

(Examples: Leave well you get respected as a former brother and longtime friend!

Leave badly we'll hunt you down! You'll get beat up etc.)
Nice Application! OOC interview time!

1. What stands out about us as a guild? I know your new to Rp so don't worry about that aspect Big Grin

2. Well, why us if you can think of it? Big Grin
1. What stood out to me is that this guild is not strictly about raiding or pvp. In the description about the guild in the ad on WSRP, raiding and pvp are hardly even mentioned. I like that, since I'm not really into raiding and pvp.

2. This answer kinda ties into the first one. It's hard to find a guild who is in the game to have fun and build a better, friendly community. Most guilds I see always have in their description "We want to be the best raiding guild" or "We want to be the best pvp guild." But, guilds like that tend to become elitist, if they don't start out that way.

I like guilds who want to have fun in the game, and doesn't care if they wipe 10 times in a dungeon, because they're having fun. Your guild seems to be like this. Your only goal in this game is to have fun, and I love that.
Next round:

1. What do you think of our OOC rules / policy?

2. What are your thoughts on our OOC structure?

OOC = Out of Character
1. I think the rules of the guild are great. They're easy to understand, and easy to follow. They're also reasonable, and things that I think should be common-sense to most people. So following them will be very easy for me.

2. I think the OOC structure is simple, which is good. Simple ranking structures are easy to follow, and it clearly tells members how they can advance in rank. I also like how it promotes teamwork with other guild mates. Like, for example, how Members are supposed to help Prospects earn their colors. That's a good thing to have, because it will let the Prospects know that despite them being new to the guild, they are still valued.
Next round.

1. What do you like about the IC structure (In Character) structure?

2. What about the IC rules?
1. I like how the IC structure is similar to the OOC structure. The names are the same, which would make it easier to keep track of ranks in game. It's also just as simple as the OOC structure, which is good. Complex structures can get confusing.

2. I love the IC rules. It makes the Sovereign sound like it could exist in real life. It also follows the Dominon style of running things to the letter. The Dominion demands loyalty, strength, and courtesy. The Sovereign demands the same. This is good, because it will make sure the rp doesn't stray too far from canon events.
Next set:

1. What should a guild leader bring to the table?

2. What about members?
1. A guild leader should be strong, but be willing to take advice from others. He/She should be accepting of criticism, as long as its constructive and not intended to insult. I've always believed that guild leaders need to be both the friend, and the parent. They should be able to have fun with their guild mates, but also be able to give the necessary punishment or reprimand to those guild mates if needed. A guild leader should be willing to set an example for the members. He/She should uphold the guild values at all times when in the guild, if he/she expects the members to do the same. A guild leader should be willing to remove any member who is going out of their way to disobey the rules or disrupt the guild community, even if that member is a friend.

2. Members should always be kind to other members, even if another member is being rude. All members should be willing to report those who are rude or not obeying the rules, even if it is a friend. Members should be willing to make the guild community better in whatever way they can, if they can. In the game, level-capped members should be willing to help lower-level members with quests if they are asked. However, members should not ask other members for gold (that's just greedy). All members who are crafters should offer discounts to other guild members (for example, my character, Scavara, will be an architect. If a guild member wants something made, he/she will have to gather his/her own mats, but I will not require an additional fee for my time making the item). Those members comfortable with positions of authority should be willing to help the guild leader handle a problem or situation if asked.
Next round!

1. Are you okay with the mature content the guild may have Rp wise?

2. What are your thoughts on our focus on guild identity?
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