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1. Im unsure what you mean by "unbiased history," but from what ive read, it seems pretty good for getting into the mindset of [faction]
2. Soveriegn lore itself seems enjoyable considering it as a group within the Dominion.
If you read the History of the BlackSky Saga and compare it to the history of the Sovereigns you may notice there's a slight biased in favor of the Sovereigns and against the Malverines Big Grin

1. What did you think of our two factions? Do you see any problems arising from them, or any good arising from them?

2. What about the Imperial Agency interests you the most?


1. The only problems I see arising are the costs in property damage between both groups.
2. The Imperial Agency has that feel that they have their fingers in many things, I guess those sorts of connections interest me.
Awesome Bran!

Some more questions:

1. In our guild we do split our stories into Seasons which each then feature an event obviously named an Episode. What are your thoughts about having Episodic content organized into ongoing story arcs?


1. It seems like a good way to convey narrative, break everything into digestible chunks instead of a long marathon.
TIME FOR THE IC Introduction!

Welcome to the BlackSky, Prospect!

Welcome to the BlackSky Community! As you have just passed our OOC interview the next step is your Roleplay introduction into the BlackSky!

To do this you can join an ongoing active open thread in our forums (ANY OPEN THREAD, check out the OOC Discussion if you need assistance!). You can also Rp your way in via skype with an officer, to do this just ask in here in your application thread or feel free to directly talk to an Officer (use your thread for this if you want to Big Grin). Finally, you can create a new OP in the Long Road forum to get an Rp going!

You will be a full prospect in the guild and on your way to earning your colors!

You can also work on your character bio (totally optional) and feel free to introduce yourself in the intro forum!


I think a skype rp would favorable
That's fine did you want to do with me? If so when's a good time?


Any time is good and it really doesn't matter which officer the roleplay is with Smile
My Skype is ShadowedSin, with the Sovereigns you can either meet a member of the Talyn family or perhaps my Draken who acts as a thief for the Sovereigns and a gogo dancer Big Grin
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