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Full Version: Application / Membership Re-activation
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Re-Activation, Kids

If your application was moved to the Dead Applications forum reply here and re-activate where you were. Remember you must respond within 10 days of each question. If you are approved you will be sent a PM with more information on the next steps of joining the guild!


This thread is also for members who were removed from activity purges, or left on good graces. You can reply here with your account name and character to get re-added to the guild!
And I'm back, folks. Sorry about that.

1. What did you think of the Black Sky (united) history showing both factions in equal light?
I rather like it. So often, people just want to got he COMPLETE opposite directions with the two opposing factions type story, but I rather like the similarities mentioned.
2. What were your thoughts on the <Faction> Lore and the themes that we present for them?
Honestly, I love the way it works. Almost like a space navy. Eastern Trading Company kinda stuff. I really dig it. I wonder how it will further develop, though.
Just for future notice you post the questions in your re-activated thread, moving a quote there!
The Defenestrator reporting for reactivation. Character name: Fortek
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