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Main Character Name / Primary Alt Name: Taru Wildspark
Enjin / WildStar Central Username: N/A
IM Contacts: RUIM.L (Skype)
What is your primary region / timezone and playtimes? -5 GMT (Eastern Standard) Most available in the afternoons/evenings.
Are you eighteen or older? 21 yrs

Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy?

What are your primary playstyles?
Casual Role-Player (although I do a lot of roleplay, I do not consider myself 'hardcore') I also like PvE (exploring), Social aspects of the game, and Crafting if I think the system is enjoyable.

What is your roleplaying experience?
I RP way too much. I have tons of experience when it comes to character creation, OOC communication, and IC organic & dynamic roleplay. I'm proud of how far my RP has come since I started, and I love to create interesting stories with people.

What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the BlackSky as a Player?
I want to be a part of a stress-free, tight knit community that is laid back, fun, and filled with decent human beings (no matter how terrible you are to one another), and is a place where I can uncensor myself and be as lewd, crude, and foul-mouthed as I want to be (within reason, of course). Not that I'm that lewd and crude, I just don't want to have to worry about offending someone just because I got excited and said something silly.

I also expect to be given a sense of direction and shown good, strong leadership. I need these things in order to truly feel comfortable and situated within a new group.

What I can contribute comes in the form of an easygoing, agreeable, and friendly personality. I can get along with just about anyone, and I rarely take sides in disputes (forever a neutral party), but this doesn't make me a decent mediator (I give terrible advice, unless I'm relaying facts or speaking from personal experience).

I also love drawing and sketching. Role-play often inspires me to draw, so when I am role-playing with someone, I will usually sketch their character for the fun of it. I'll say right here that I do not make promises to draw characters. Rp with me often, and drawings might happen. It's a perk!

Writing. I love writing! I also love taking notes. It's a new RPing habit of mine. I also might make a Tumblr for my character to use as a journal.

There's a lot more that I am missing, but I can't think of it right now.

Would you like to join our guild Skype group?

Would you like to be on our mailing list for updates about the guild?

Are you a member of any additional guilds?
Ebon Aegis (Elder Scrolls Online)

Where did you find out about the BlackSky?
ShadowedSin's big fat mouth! On Skype.

Any additional characters if so what Faction would they be in?
I might make a male or female Draken (Dominion), but I am not sure at this point. I'm still learning about the game and getting familiar with the lore.

Any additional thoughts?
Sin's a poo head. I love A Gentleman of Leisure. And Syd is best woman!

In-Character Questions

What is your character’s race, gender, class, path?
Aurin, Female, Esper, Settler

Please describe your character appearance:

[Image: Photo%20May%2010%2C%204%2047%2036%20PM.jpg]

[Image: Photo%20May%2010%2C%209%2048%2042%20PM.jpg]

Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 124lbs
Build: Slim
Hair Color: Aqua Blue or Blonde or Brown (with possibly white ears/tail)
Hair Style: Long (Up or Down)

Please describe your character's personality:
She's the character archetype that has a bubbly and outgoing personality who is rarely put down by anything. If her mood crushed, she will suffer these brief episodes where she is temperamental. She doesn't necessarily becomes extremely serious or over dramatic- it is just a down period where there is definitely something wrong with her since she is not her usual cheerful self.

Taru is a flirty person, but very rarely looks at people in a sexual manner. In her eyes, everyone that walks into her vicinity is a potential playmate, and her over friendliness has probably given people the wrong idea on more than one occassion. She doesn't know when to stop flirting with people, which will puts her in unexpectedly awkward situations. Her teasing nature also doesn't help, but it does get her more money! Shake your money-maker!!

Please describe three strengths and three weaknesses about your character:
I don't believe in separating strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the situation, flaws can become strengths, and strengths can become flaws. I will leave the following list up to your own perception:
  1. Excitable
  2. Clingy
  3. Impulsive
  4. Temperamental
  5. Overeager
  6. Unpredictable

What Faction would your character is your character joining?

Why would your character wish to join a either the Sovereigns or Maverines?
Not sure. She was hired at the Sassy Aurin as a waitress and then became interested/showed potential in being a stripper, so she went that route. As for how she is pulled into the group, I am leaving that open to RP.

What kind of long term plotting, or character development plans do you have?
I just made this character an hour ago. I'll get back to you on that, but what I have in mind so far is:

From the ideas in my head, and how the character is turning out to be, I am loosely expecting her to be seen as the 'little sister' or 'pet' type character that is babied, spoiled, or just not taken seriously. She's actually a decently intelligent girl, but because of her overly affectionate behavior, she may not be given the same level of trust or respect as those around her, and she might notice this after a certain period of time. I'd like it to be an obstacle for her overcome- to prove herself, or something like that. It's a bit cliche`, but it's just an idea. 'This is the kind of character I had in mind,' but I won't be butt-hurt if things don't go this way. My characters have a habit of growing and changing out of my original expectations anyway, so please don't think this is what I have 'set in stone' for Taru!

Not sure if things will play out that way RP-wise, since I can't, and will never, attempt to control another PC, but I am insanely adaptable and look forward to growing my character and RPing with you all. <3

Where would your character fit into the Club or Unit as a prospect?
In one way or another, more than likely.

How did you learn of, or encounter the Club or Unit?
Works at the Saloon and is very enthusiastic about her job there. She probably knows a few of the Malverines already from association by trade.

Do you mind the adult / violent nature of our Rp?
That's the only kind of RP I like. If an RP is not open to adult-themes, then will quickly lose interest.

If you leave the club the club are willing to deal with consequences?
Of course. I'm a good role-player. Why wouldn't I RP out the consequences of my character's actions?

1. You okay with the violent nature of the club?

2. Stripper? Okay what are some basic adult limits?
1. You okay with the violent nature of the club?
On an OOC level? Yes. I'm not sure to what extent the violence is, but I am comfortable role-playing many different kinds of scenarios. I have very few limits in regards to violence. Permanent scarring/dismemberment/death is obviously something I would like to have discussed beforehand (I greatly care about my character's appearance), but that's about it.

2. Stripper? Okay what are some basic adult limits?
If it's all RP, I will RP pretty much anything. OOCly, I consider myself to be an adult/mature role-player, so I am more than comfortable role-playing stripping, sexual themes, yadda yadda. My character, on the other hand, is completely fine with stripping and showing herself off for money, since it's her job (and she loves her job), but she would be very unwilling to participate in sexual acts with people for payment (prostitution). Not that such a thing would be expected of her? *shrug* Suppose she's a bit innocent in that manner. Or she's just a big fucking tease who hasn't been taught a lesson. We'll see. ;P

1. What are your thoughts on dealing with drama?

2. What about interactions with the community?
1. What are your thoughts on dealing with drama?
It depends on the drama. If it's not directed at me, I generally want nothing to do with it. I steer clear and avoid the situation altogether. On the other hand, if drama 'is' directed at me, I wouldn't trust myself to deal with it on my own. So I seek help. I will go to officers, or you, with my problem and see if you guys can't help me out or mediate the situation.

2. What about interactions with the community?
I love, love, LOVE interacting with people! As long as they are respectful, mature, and don't cause problems for me or my friends, I will be more than happy be friendly with those outside of the guild. I'm a very social person, I am! The more people the better, I like to say, so long as everyone's getting along!

1. You okay that we focus slightly more on Rp with the guild than Rp with the entire community?

2. What part of our OOC structure did you like?
1. You okay that we focus slightly more on Rp with the guild than Rp with the entire community?
As long as the guild gives me adequate amounts of RP, I won't have a problem with it. I won't go out of my way to seek RP with the community if RP with the guild is sufficient.

2. What part of our OOC structure did you like?
I like the idea of the promotion that a Prospect has to go through in order to become a Full Member. It means that a person really has to show themselves in order to be completely recognized.
1. What should a guild leader bring to the table?

2. Visa versa for members?
1. What should a guild leader bring to the table?
A guild leader, in my eyes, should be a GLEAMING GOLDEN PILLAR OF ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. One that is compassionate, charismatic, and easy to talk to. One who is reasonable, yet unforgiving, when it comes to the safety and integrity of the guild. Big Grin *gives Sin a pedestal*

2. Visa versa for members?
From my fellow members, I would expect to find level-headed, friendly, and sociable individuals. People that I can relate to and speak with openly without having to censor myself in fear of being judged, shamed, or disrespected because of my opinions. If I say something that someone is not alright with, I would trust them to tell me about it so we can discuss, like grown-ass individuals, how such discomfort can be avoided in the future.
Looking good!

1. What do you want from The BlackSky?

2. What about our lore did you like?
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