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Full Version: The Winnowing
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((This event is for Friday @ 8:30pm CST, though for some reason it shows it for saturday on the silly calendar, if anyone can fix this I'd be most happy))

*A sheet of paper is impaled on the front door of the Sassy 'n Wild with a rather large blade. Beneath the blade in neatly printed block lettering are the following words.*

To all prospects and members alike, it's time to test your mettle and weed out the Jabbits from the Malverines. I need all able bodied members to report to the Sassy 'n Wild for a bit of "training." I don't care if you're a cutthroat or a dancer, a bounty hunter or a whore. There's those out there who would see us dead and I reckon we shouldn't let that happen. If you have the moxie then show yourselves here on Friday evenin'
If you survive, I'll buy the first round, if not, well you won't have to worry about digging any graves.

At the bottom is a scrawled,
Kaistiel Stormbreaker

((This will be an IC PVE event which depending on interest and level of people coming will be held either in one of the adventures, shiphand missions or first tier dungeons. If the time doesn't work for you please reply with what time does. If there is enough feedback I'd be happy to move it back a lil.))
(what time?)
((8:30 CST....sorry the calendar widget is giving me fits it would seem...edited the post to reflect the time))
((Went in set the time back by a date which usually makes it appear correctly on the actual calendar listings itself.))
((Should be gud fer me))
A simple reply is scrawled in the bottom corner of the announcement

*In very elegant handwriting a deep red liquid is signed*
(Bah I didn't realize you posted this under CST. that's my workout time so unless something changes I wont be there. I can show up roughly 2 hours after.)
* Written in curve lettering with sweeping strokes that resembles lines maybe and surrounded by little heart and leaves with smiling faces *, " Honeyfurr will try to not die"
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