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Full Version: Sassy Staff role call
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Hiya folks, We've had a buncha people on and real life likes to turn me into #1 dead cat so!

Role call!

Let me know what roles you are in the guild and what times work best for a sassy staff meeting.

The meeting can be on forums or in game but I want to get everyone on the same page for when we have our official open rp event. thanks in advance for reading and replyin' <3
Hey - I play Hattie in game.

She's hired on as a cook, but she can do whatever needs to be done around there.

As for times - Tuesdays through Thursdays are my best days. Weekends suck for me, sadly, as that's when I work. Sad
Honeyfurr: Dancer

Tuesdays are iffy, Wednesdays are never good
any other day best after 3 PM pst.
@Requiem Thursdays I can work with. I'm well aware of having to move things around for people that have a weekend work schedule.

@Honey Ty! And I'll mark tues and weds as no goes for ya.
I play Grixx n Brixx but Grixx is kinda ghost atm sooo Brixx hasn't been assigned yet but I'd have him a mechanic. Any days are fine with me just my times r funny.
Desiraela (aka Dee/Desi): Head Dancer/Canter Queen

She tends to jump into the roles of waitress when it's not her turn to dance. She also keeps an eye on the bar to help things along but happily steps aside for those who's job it is.
Oook. Scout's not been assigned a role and I have that fun bug that makes it impossible for me to visit plots at the moment... >_>

Personally, I'd see her as a provisioner (you know, dragging dead jabbits and the like to the kitchen...somehow getting her hands on a big haul of hootch and dragging that up to the back door. Bit like a cat leaving presents at the doorstep.) OR she could work a shift as a cook. As long as she doesn't have to, you know, talk to customers.

I'm sure we'll be working something out in her interview thread. Smile
Caelvyn, bouncer / drink-pourer in training-ish?

Anywho, I can do any time during the week after 6est or weekends whenever (unless there are special circumstances).
Vikenty "Vik". Mechanic.

Until the middle of July I can do 5 pm on Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Sat. Around July 15 I will have to update my schedule based on some real life changes.


Kytex Lanoah. Bounty Hunter.

For the most part I'm available every day during the evenings, 7pm central until I have to head up. This may change in the next week, I'll keep you posted.
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