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About the Player

Main Character Name / Primary Alt Name: (If you only have one character you do not have to state an alt).


Enjin / WildStar Central Username: (If you use neither please state what other community sites you are active one relating to WildStar)

Thorstein on Enjin.

Primary Character / Alts Joining the BlackSky:

Thorstein would be my only character joining.

IM Contacts: (We use Skype primarily)

hollister.jon.m on Skype.

What is your primary region / timezone and playtimes?

EST, mostly evenings and flexible weekends.

Are you eighteen or older? (Please state your age if you can.)

Yes, I’m 28.

Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy?

Yes, very thorough!

Where did you find us and why do we stand out?

I saw the guild recruitment post on WildStar-Roleplay and was impressed by your dual-premises, as well as the positive feedback from the community. This looks like a particularly strong and well-established group that has and will stand the test of time in a new MMORPG. These are helpful qualities for me because I would like to conduct research on the information behaviors and digital literacy practices of a RP guild in WildStar. Please visit my site ( to learn more about me and visit this page ( for more information about the ethnographic study I would like to conduct. Please read it! I am happy to answer any and all questions about it, and can post it elsewhere on the site in its entirety if you’d like.

Would you like to join our Guild Skype Group? And or the Guild Mailing List?

Yes to both!

Are you a member of any additional guilds, circles, warplots etc?

Not currently, but I have applied to a Dominion guild. Given the nature of my project, the application and interview process is very much a two-way street, I want to be a good fit for the guild, and I want to be engaged with an RP group that is okay that I am there doing research (and RPing!) too. I will only be able to commit to one guild for the project. I’m also the member of a circle of RL friends. It is my intention to become an active and contributing member of the guild, not just an observer.

What are your primary playstyles?
(Casual / Medium / Hardcore RP, PvP, Social, PvE, Raiding, Dungeons, Crafting)

Medium RP, Social, PVE/Raiding/Dungeons, PVP.

About Roleplay
What is your roleplaying experience?
(We are newbie friendly, if you need help we will teach you).

I am relatively new to role-playing, but I have RP’d on and off with a medium RP guild in WOW (on Wyrmrest Accord) over the past year so I am familiar with basic RP customs and practices. Role-playing was one aspect of MMOs that I had never done before, but even after getting into it for just a little while I was, and am, fascinated by all of the work and creativity that goes into it.

What are your primary Roleplay Limits?
(Gives us an idea of what forms of Rp or themes you will not participate in.)

I am not interested in ERP, and will not participate in any sort of torture/interrogation, exploitive, or discriminatory RP, or anything of that ilk. I will not participate in RP PVP unless it is defensive in nature.

Are you okay with the R rated (content in our guild contains adult language, violent situations, partial nudity, narcotics) nature of our Roleplay?

Yes, that’s fine—I’m a librarian by training, so I’m generally against censorship of all kinds. R-rated content is no issue with me personally.

What do IC Consequences mean to you? Would you be willing to deal with the consequences listed in our lore? Such as humiliation? OR even being beaten within an inch of life or worse?

Within RP stories, our characters are very much real, and must deal with the “real” consequences of their actions or those of others in some cases. Conflict within the storyline is natural, and at times necessary for story development. A plotline or story will not be immersive or rewarding over the long term if it is all super fun time all of the time. Dealing with humiliation and getting back up after being beaten down is a natural part of adult life, so that’s fine. However, it can become an issue if these sorts of twists are actually personal attacks from an OOC feud that have worked itself into IC relationships.

Would you be willing to take consequences if your character left the Club or Agency and warranted them?
(Could be a simple as being banned from guild IC hubs, or being openly mocked, or worse.)

Certainly, any mild-mannered, mature adult should take responsibility for their actions and handle the consequences with grace.

About the Character
NOTE: The following information will create the foundation of your IC Interview, and also let us know more about your character. Answers in character and you may use third, or first person. Answer respectively for your chosen Faction.

Why you here? Who you looking for, stranger?
(Your faction and ICly why you wish to join them.)

Well, my goals on Nexus are to learn more about the cultures of those invad…err settling here in order to foster peace and freedom between communities, and to unlock the mysteries of Nexus, both its cultures and its technologies. So what better way to get around, explore, and meet new people than joining the baddest hovercycle club around?

How you'd you hear of the outfit?
(Where did you hear of the. Note you may assume that you know of some of their exploits, their leaders, and so on and so forth.)

Mostly by word of mouth, about a group that will stand up to the Dominion and their croanies. That, and the purr of those hovercycles is quite alluring.

Didn't get your name stranger, what is it? What class you again?
(Name and class.)

The name’s Thorstein. I practice medicine.

Fine then. What can you bring to the table? And where we suppose to put you?
(Your occupation, and character skills and strengths.)

As a medic, I can assist with the general healthcare needs of the group. As a scientist, I study the cultures and technologies of Nexus and report to the Exile Academy of Science—I can also assist with collaborative research projects. I’m also a trained librarian, so I collect and catalog all sorts of information: datacubes, books, and more!

What baggage you caring?
(Weaknesses and character faults.)

My quest for knowledge is insatiable, I can sometimes be distracted by taking notes or spending too long ogling a particularly shiny artifact…like that glinting shard poking out of the sand… I’m also a bit rusty on the healing bit; I’ve been working mostly as a librarian and scientist in the years leading up to the discovery of Nexus. As the battle for Nexus with the Dominion escalates, my skills as a medic will improve out of sheer necessity.

Well the, finally, what do you think of the enemy?
(You may assume your character knows something of the opposite faction Malverine or Sovereign, explain their thoughts on them. And the Dominion or Exiles.)

The BrightStar Sovereigns? Yes, I’ve heard a bit about them—goons backed by the Talyn’s funding, doing Dominion dirty work. However, as with you or me, they are just doing what they believe is right; however misguided that is, at least they are committed. I just hope there is something or someone left living on the planet long enough for me to study them. There is hope, I believe.
Hello Thorstein. As I read through your application, I have a few questions of clarification to ask before we begin the current interview. Please take a moment to read them, answer them carefully, thank you.

Note I did scan, and read through your website, quite impressive. I like the direction of your reserarch and curriculum development.

1. You mention an interest in conducting an online series of interviews for I am guessing is your primary thesis for your doctorate work? Very interesting, why did you select us for this?

Also, not to pry but would you be willing to maintain a record of consent from those that participate? I personally take field research ethics quite seriously.

2. Your limits mention a few things that are concerning. You mention discriminatory RP can you please clarify what this is? Also the interrogation etc, does that include any forms of punishment?

Hi ShadowedSin. Thank you for the kind words, and for reviewing my materials! I will try to answer your questions the best I can!

1. The interviews are actually one of a few data collection points for my ethnography. I will be collecting other community artifacts, such as forum posts, screenshots, chatlogs, and recordings of gameplay sessions. Of course, your privacy and confidentiality are my first priority, so that personally identifiable information will not ever be made public--my analysis and discussion of the results will be anonymized. My goal for the interviews is to conduct them both ICly and OOCly after I have built rapport and trusted relationships with the guild further into the study.

The Malverines stood out to me for a variety of reasons. First, I am really intrigued by the dual role-playing guilds under the Blacksky - I think it will lead to immersive and sustained role-play that provides both structure and room for creativity. That, and I am interested in how RP communities interact with one another, and your premise is a great case study on that. Second, I specifically chose this guild because of its complete ruleset and rigorous application/interview process. While many guilds have interview processes, many are not so involved, which leads issues of fit and longevity. The structure and storyline of the Blacksky encourages characters to participate and keep the story alive. I also spent some time reviewing other applications to see what the process was like. I am glad that it is open and thorough, I wanted to have a public forum to describe my study in detail. I want to be as good of a fit for your guild as much as you do! I am not seeking special treatment because of my study either; I just want to experience roleplaying as all of you do.

Which brings me to your question about consent. As per the terms of my IRB approval, I am allowed to collect observational and secondary data from gameplay sessions and community sites without consent as these sites are considered public. I could have conducted this data collection in the game covertly and no one would have known any better, but I wanted to be transparent in my activities in order to build trusting relationships with the group I would be playing with--this ultimately leads to a more accurate and representative study, in my opinion. My role as a researcher is built into the story of my character, so interference with everyone's normal gameplay and roleplay would be minimal.

That said, the interview portion will require informed consent. This will be collected prior to the interviews, with potential interviewees reviewing the terms and verbally stating that they agree to those terms and that I have answered any questions to their satisfaction. Participation is not mandatory by any means, and if anyone doesn't agree to the terms, I will not interview them. While data will be anonymized, I can strike players from the records that do not wish to be recorded if they so desire. I will always have a note in my status in the game when I am recording, which will not be all of the time, and information about my study will be posted on the forums, my profiles, and my personal website.

2. This a mix of personal and research priorities. While I am more than willing to be curmudgeonly toward the Dominion in general, I do not wish to engage in roleplay that is racist, or discriminatory towards different genders, sexual orientations, religions, etc.; not that it would go that way, I just wanted to be up front about it in the event. Of course, your guild rules does not tolerate immaturity, abuse, or harrassment, so I doubt that there will be such issues. I especially like that you clearly articulate the need to state limits and respect for triggers. Additionally, for instance, if my character participates or condones torture and interrogation, that leads to grey areas in regards to my IRB. Yes it is a roleplayed story, but if it is taken out of context, it could be seen as harmful towards participants. And ICly as a healer, scientist, and librarian, I don't have the stomach to do those sorts of things. That said, I know that some elements will be required for the story, and that isn't a problem. For example, maybe I am captured, beaten, and interrogated: that would be fine, and I would play through the story - I just can't be the guy with the hot pokers.

I hope these answers address your concerns! Please let me know if I can clarify anything further!
1. Please take a moment to review our rules of roleplay / character standard. Then take a moment to consider themes of our two factions (Malverines being a Outlaw Hovercycle Club & The Pinkerton Detective Agency); and consider the roles for each faction versus BlackSky's idea of open-ended roleplay with limitations. Why is important to maintain a strong standard, roleplay themes, and yet allow open-ended characterization?

2. Consider the life your character will encounter in either faction, and the consequences of their actions. How do our guild values such as the Grey Line, the Adult factor, and Table-Top Feeling fit that mindset? Why is it important to the story we are hoping to tell? Especially in Criminal / Corporate or Outlaw Roleplay?

3. Why do you like the themes, and lore of BLackSKy, and the faction you are joining? How do a faction's preceptions add to roleplay such as their preception of history, or the Feud of BrightStar?

4. Our guild can be considered conservative in our lore stance even though we have our own elaborate mythos and guild fanon (as most guilds do). Why is it then important we maintain the limits, and guidelines set down by Carbine? Some details are small, but are important to racial dynamics (Cassian Highborn not having Noble Houses, Mordesh not tasting food without Vitalus), why are these important? And can you ignore people who push limits while remaining in character?
1. I find the dynamic between the Malverines and the Sovereigns intriguing. Just like the disputes between biker gangs and the Pinkertons, it was a conflict between forces that blurred the lines between "good" and "evil." The biker gangs were seen as outlaws, but were known for many good deeds, and the Pinkertons were about preserving order even though their tactics were nefarious at times. I think this premise provides structure for characters to build from to create a riveting, yet consistent story as well as allows for the blurring of the lines and for characters to develop rich and diverse stories and backgrounds. The structure and rules also help to keep the story on track and free from characters or plotlines that would severely impair story progression or alienate some characters and their players.

2. As I mentioned above, I think that the Grey Line is that blurred line between "good" and "evil," but life and stories, at least the truly interesting ones, are not so cut and dry. Everyone has a past, they have strengths and weaknesses, without characters on the fringes, stories would suffer for it. To me, it is always the anti-hero that I can relate with the most. Thorstein has a past, and its not a great one (hence the madness, thankfully its a goofy madness and not sociopath madness)--sometimes the advancement of science comes at a heavy and sometimes violent price. While Thorstein is on his way to making amends and learning about a new world, he feels most at home with others out on the margins, those that are also fighting their own battles. So in some ways, his motives are a bit selfish, but the run and gun lifestyle will help get him to places he wants to go and he will not pass judgement on those that have to fight to make ends meet.

That said, the adult factor isn't really an issue unless Thorstein is forced towards violence. He can and has endured a great deal, but would rather be there to heal the wounded and than create the injuries. He will do his best to support those in the group that need his help. Thorstein is no alcoholic, but he does enjoy a good brew and curses far more often than an academic should. As a medic, he is no stranger to nudity and graphic content, but shies away from relationships due to his past.

The themes of adventure and exploration from the Table Top perspective are right up Thorstein's alley. He'll explore and document Nexus, even if he needs to smuggle a sample or two to get where he needs to go.

3. Managing one guild story is a lot of work, but managing two that are intertwined is an ambitious project. Seeing that dynamic evolve is very interesting to me. I was drawn more to the Malverines initially because of their sense of rebellion and freedom (librarians are very much freedom fighters!). Despite choices from the past still haunting them through the Sovereign's relentless persecution, the Malverines are on the path to making a new life for themselves. On the other hand, the Sovereigns are ultimately looking for unification, or at least closure to the conflict between the Dominion and the Exiles, so while their ruthlessness might be mistaken for passion (or I am way off). Whether that means annihilation or unification remains to be seen, of course it seems to be point to extermination at this point--but maybe everyone can get what they want on Nexus? I think these themes along with the rich histories will help facilitate a thick plot-line with lots of great roleplay.

4. Ultimately, RP is based on the game, and conducted both in and around it. Adherence to both the lore of the guild(s) and to that of the game helps keep everyone on the same page. It also prevents the abuse of power (dragon role-players in WOW, for example). If everyone is trying to operate within a story with a completely different notions of what is acceptable or permissible, it will not be as fun, fluid, accessible, or welcoming as it could be. In left unchecked, these seemingly small issues may derail the story and and alienate other players. That said, there are still many opportunities for players to be creative in the development of their character's stories. Creating a flawed character takes more work than a role model does, but it may be more rewarding.

Please let me know if I need to clarify or justify anything! Thank you for your time!
1. Please reread our guild rules and consider the following: BlackSky discourages members from making blunt general statements on issues (political, religious, cultural etc), from bringing up complaints or problems in public, from trolling or antagonizing people. We then encourage a optimistic attitude, helping out guild members, solving issues personally or with the help of a guild officer. Why are these important to a healthy guild? And how do you feel our guild rules approach these factors?

That being said we have rules about respecting triggers, and also about choosing words carefully, why?

2. Our guild values identity, brotherhood, and longevity (retention of membership). We focus on the long game and the long view. In turn we value patience, understanding, and professionalism. Why are all of these aspects important to a strong healthy community?

3. What do you look for in guild Staff (Leaders, Officers, Deputies), and in the community in general? What can both (Staff and members) do to maintain a strong healthy community? Now, what can you as do, or bring to the table?

4. We ask members to participat in-game, and on our forums in OOC discussion and active roleplay. This includes members acting as pro-active pillars of roleplay, and taking their own stories back into the guild to enrich it and everyone in it. Why is important then to be pro-active on our website, and in-game equally?
1. Role-Playing and playing MMOs lets players have fun, relax, be creative, and explore new horizons. Ideological baggage from real life and toxic behavior can ruin what would otherwise be a good time. RPing by its nature is a welcoming and open activity, the rash statements about issues or groups makes people feel unwanted or less valued. In games, its the experiences and stories that matter--those are a lot more rewarding and enjoyable if people are civil and helpful with one another. This is another reason that I admire the rules that you have posted, they have clear parameters, examples, and a process for correction. The characters themselves might be mopey, but everyone should be optimistic in the pursuit of both their and the guild's stories. Most conflicts should be dealt with privately. Those within a conflict might not be able to remain calm or rational, so having an officer there to help mediate and provide an outside perspective is very helpful. Rules that encourage members to be helpful and active helps keep the guild community connected and the story vibrant. I think that the detailed set of rules that this community uses are fair and proactive.

I have many friends with PTSD and it is important to be aware of situations and words that make them uncomfortable, as relapses, flashbacks, panic attacks, depression, and fear are things that can cripple their quality of life. Similarly, choosing words carefully is also important because some triggers are unknown, and others may not feel comfortable enough to share their pasts with you.

2. It is always important to know who you are and what you stand for, bringing like-minded people together to develop that identity further is needed for longevity. It provides a foundation to build from and a set of goals to follow. Without people working together closely, a guild will not last (I've been in many guilds that have failed because of weak connections and identities). Additionally, progress takes time, having patience and understanding to hear people out and empathize with their positions helps build cohesion and trust. Treating each other with respect and in a professional matter makes the process much more enjoyable and easy to manage. These values all compliment one another and promote guild health and longevity.

3. In guild staff members, I look for honesty, empathy, patience, decisiveness, maturity, honor, good communication skills, dependability, and a sense of humor. I look for these skills and values in the communities that I am a part of as well as strive for them myself. The best way to ensure a healthy community is to communicate, a lot. Share ideas, big or small. Work together to solve problems. People are not mind readers, so effective and clear communication is needed to be successful. This and trying to emulate the values above also help to promote guild health.

So in addition to being responsible and active in general, I will do my best to be communicative with you all. Especially with my project in mind, I plan on having weekly posts in a thread about my reflections on the experiences I have and discuss them with the group in order to make sure my interpretations are accurate and representative. After all, the story I am telling is about you! I want to be a part of the community and story, be there to listen, and offer ideas if asked. I am not the most experienced role-player, but I'm here to learn more, and to contribute! And OOCly, I am a librarian, so I can help with research-related tasks, but don't expect me to write your research papers--I have my own to do!

4. Guild role-play requires a lot of work and it isn't fair for the leadership to take on all of the responsibility for progressing the story. I think the point is to get people involved that truly want to be there and those that want to be part of a bigger story. (Otherwise it's like herding cats.) Despite all of the awesome things you can do in MMORPGs, the role-playing aspects and features still lag behind what is needed for in-depth role-play. The website and forums offer space to share, plan, and build ideas that aren't really available within the game. It also helps the community stay connected when they aren't able to be in the game. Real life happens, we are all adults. So sometimes it is easier to keep up by visiting the site and making a post rather than logging into the game.

I hope these answers are suitable! Please let me know if I can explain anything further! Thanks!
Nicely written your app is now up for consideration!
Excellent! Thank you (and everyone) for your time and consideration! I'm looking forward to your feedback! Have a nice weekend!
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