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Full Version: [MALV] Singles Night
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Singles Night

Are you feeling lonely? Do you need that special someone in your life? Do you just wanna try to get lucky with some guy or gal? Well Marci has got what you need, and shes hosting a little thing called Singles Night!


Singles Night is an event where singles get together, chat, drink, flirt, dance and just mingle with each other. We provide a relaxed setting away from the battlefield and make sure everyone has a good time. Who knows, maybe you'll end up taking someone home, or you'll take them home Wink. Whatever you two do next is up to you.


The full schedule isnt complete yet, but we have a basic idea of how it will all go down.
Everyone gets together at the Sassy. As we wait for more people to arrive, nows the good time to take a look around and see your options. Maybe pick a few targets to focus on.

The party gets bumping. Loud music, rough dancing. If ya already snagged someone by then, why not get a little closer in the dance floor. Or find a nice private area to "chat". Nows your time to show em what you got!

Things will wind down a bit. If ya bagged a banging guy or gal, maye nows your chance to ask if theyd like to walk you to the door, your bedroom door maybe ;D.


- I would like this event to be comprised of only characters that are single. Open relationships are ok, as long you both agree. The more singles we have, the better chance we have of people finding someone.
- No means NO. If you are causing a scene or starting up a fight, you will be given the bums rush. I know we're a rowdy group, but doesnt mean we cant be considerate.
- If you have friends from other guilds, they are welcome. But you will be responsible for their behavior.
- IF you do happen to bring someone home, what you two do privately after that is on your own accord. There will be no public ERP during the event. If youd like to take someone out behind the bar, keep it in party or whisper.


The first event will be held on July 28th! 5 pm! This is the first singles night so we'll be keeping acitivies and such to a minimum. This will morely be rp focused.

~Important Misc Info~

- If your character is the shy type, dont be afraid! Just ask Marci or another host to help ya talk to someone. We'll make sure you feel most comfortable.
- If you have any ideas or suggestions to make this event better, just send me a PM.
- IF you can dj or know any djs, please let me know. Would be a major plus if we had some music streaming.
Signing up for this with Lifira!
Advert for this event has been posted here.. Not sure how much interest we'll get with such short notice...

and the next time we need music streaming for an event we can go Here


Well I posted it up on the calendar a week before to give everyone enough time. Sadly I cant give more than a week because my work schedule is so erract. But this is just the first event so I dont expect it to be full. Ill have to bump it up to 5 pm though.
Yeah the short notice makes this unlikely for me... didn't see an update on this thread until 2 days before the event. I was following this thread for the update and the calendar event escaped my notice.


Aww thats sad to hear :C But tis understandable. Cant be caught up 24/7 lol. Like I said this is the first event so give it some time to grow.
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