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Full Version: Sassy Jabbit Manual
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The Playboy Club had a manual for their Bunnies on etiquette, uniforms, regulations; generally what it meant to be a Bunny, and what you could do to uphold that image, and the consequences if you didn't keep them.

I was rather surprised to learn just now that there's actually an SJ uniform for the dancers. I don't think I've seen any information about this, nor any guidelines on interacting with customers, what not to do on stage, and any rates and no-no's we have aside from the obvious common courtesies.

Shouldn't we have a Sassy Jabbit Manual?
There's coming one. Seele's been away on vacation and my irl is hecktic but there's one that'd been worked on.


Marci would benefit from that since shes just starting out.
If someone wants to write the manual and toss it to me for a look over I'm game.
I'm interested in writing this, if Dee doesn't already have a draft up. If so, I am willing to edit and add to it.

What topics do you guys suppose should be covered?

Edit: Kay, got the job. Now, I just need info on the following:

- Are there any baseline fees we charge for private dances? Any extras?
- I know there's an audition to prove your competence with Seele as a dancer. Does one simply sign up for the escort services?
- How does the pin-up business work, exactly? The Sassy Jabbit for special occassions?
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