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Full Version: Sov- Radiance opening!!!
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Radiance Opening!!!

The radiance has been reworked, restaffed, and resupplied! its time for all of you bar-staff to stretch out your noisy room RP skills and serve some Dominion brass/ Whatever Imperial Gentleman and ladies want to spend a night in comfort and luxury.

[Image: TrhBn2O.jpg]

The event will start in the late evening on the posted date, giving you the preceding time to ready some bar-tending/ cigar smoking, hookah chilling macros, or maybe a dance routine to win some tips. If you'll be serving food or drink read up on the menus here and Coyotzin's post on the hookah smokables here.

[Image: RTNlGMP.jpg]

Any Sovereign is willing to come, and if you know a good social Rp'er that fits our upscale clientele's bill, let them know where to come.

We will be holding this event on Friday the 8th. It will start at 7 PM PST/ 10 PM PST and run until the last drunken customer leaves.

[Image: MYtnxM5.jpg]

*A note for unguilded RPer guests. Use Visitor to visit Fahari on whichever date it gets locked in for, meet the gang, chat them up, start your introduction if you would like to join!*
I'm not usually on in the evenings, as I have lil ones I end up tending to off and on as I try to put them to bed...but I can technically do either. Friday might be easier for me.
NICE! I'll try to attend as I don't think I'll be watching a movie this friday :3
Looking good. I'll do my best to stop in
Friday's the day for me; on Saturday I'll be traversing the ether in a spelljammer Smile
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