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Full Version: Rheddum's Application
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Main Character Name / Primary Alt Name: Rheddum (Possibly Gemcrusher as a surname, waiting to see if we learn more.)

Enjin / WildStar Central Username: Homeslice or Homeslice513, I forget which one shows.

IM Contacts: Pretty much Homeslice513 on any chat thing though I have yet to use mumble.

What is your primary region / timezone and playtimes? I am EST and really have random playtimes depending on work, I could be early morning/afternoon one day and then late night to the break of dawn the next one.

Are you eighteen or older? That I am and I am old...*cough*40*cough*

Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy? I did and I do.

What are your primary playstyles? I would say medium rp and social mostly though depending on the system I enjoy crafting. SWG was one of my all time favorites, loved being a dancing tailor.

What is your roleplaying experience?Started roleplaying in SWG in 2003 though I did a little before that in EQ but I was only really learning then. But after SWG, I actually played a MUD called Gemstone IV and got really into it there and feel I had learned the most from doing that. Then have tried in other games as well as doing a little pen and paper way back in the day.

What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the BlackSky as a Player? Some good fun company, getting involved in storylines and just having a good group of people to socialize with. And hopefully I return all of that was well.

Would you like to join our guild Skype group? Sure.

Would you like to be on our mailing list for updates about the guild? Sure.

Are you a member of any additional guilds? Not in Wildstar and the ones I were in were only in game activity of games I am not playing now.

Where did you find out about the BlackSky? I believe it was the Wildstar Roleplay forums. Or else it was on Central forums.

Any additional characters if so what Faction would they be in? At the moment I plan on being Exiles mostly.

Any additional thoughts? I like bacon.

In-Character Questions

What is your character’s race, gender, class, path? Granok, Male, Warrior, Settler (At least at the moment, thinking of being a "retired" mercenary. ).

Please describe your character appearance:
Going to have to learn a few things here but going to go with big, bulky and rocky.

Please describe your character's personality:
Good guy at heart with that rough exterior. (No pun intended.)

Please describe three strengths and three weaknesses about your character: (Hope I can come back to this later. Just getting a general idea for the character just for this app.)

What Faction would your character or is your character joining? Exiles

Why would your character wish to join either the Sovereigns or Maverinesb? Malverines

What kind of long term plotting, or character development plans do you have? Very short term at the moment but looking to take whatever character I can very deeply into plots and plans and stories.

Where would your character fit into the Club or Unit as a prospect? A heavy drinking hovercycle rider? What is not to fit in?

How did you learn of, or encounter the Club or Unit? Would have to see how things went but I picture perhaps meeting on a ride some time or maybe in a bar.

Do you mind the adult / violent nature of our Rp? Not really though not much into torture.

If you leave the club the club are willing to deal with consequences? Sure.
Alright to learn more about you time for some questions!

1. What do you want to get out of your membership here?

2. What should a leader bring to the table in a guild?
1. I am mostly just looking for some cool folks to hang out and roleplay with.

2. That depends on the guild but have a guild goal and maintain that. ie a raiding guild should establish the rules and ensure whatever protocols are stated and used in that fashion. Organizing times for events and help with resolving s that arise with a diverse group. They should listen to their members and work with them to create a pleasant dynamic for whatever happenings....happen? I am posting from My phone so if this is a bit convoluted I will post again when I get home.
Alright next set!

1. What part of our lore grabbed your attention the most?

2. What part of our OOC police / structure do you like the most?
1. First, I actually liked the idea of the "biker" gang. A group that gets together for a common interest but it also had me hopeful for group explorations and the idea that with the rp of the guild and the theme that more explorer social types would join in the revelry. B, I like the family feud going on and believe that this creates a great storyline moving into the future with great opportunities for varied storylines. (Though I admit, I feel a bit hesitant about having two guilds off that bat but feel that if the people are joining one side of the other that you can possible have to strong guilds instead of just one with an alt guild.) And III, I actually like that is goes sci-fi style with having the ships and using their names to signify the groups.

2. There is a couple things I like in the policies as well. One being that members help in deciding on new recruits. Someone has to put a word in for you and vouch that they believe you should be a member. And another part being that the officers/leaders work to maintain the smooth running of the guild and will work to keep most everyone happy, which I picture running events and getting everyone involved together as well as moderating any that break the peace or get out of line. I edited this to add in that I really like the patches idea as well and look forward to seeing it in operation.
Awesome replies mate!

1. So what do you think of how we tackle stories in the seasonal concept?

2. What do you think of us focusing on guild identity the way we do?
1. I think it sounds quite awesome really. I like knowing that I can go back read the events of a previous season, read the historical logs of the guild. I think it is great to know that there are plans to have guild oriented story arcs for everyone to be a part of in one way or another. It is also good that you want to keep it controlled to the extent of having enough information for new members to learn from but not have so much anyone trying to get it all will be overwhelmed.

2. This is awesome as well. Everyone that hears of the BlackSky club will know what they stand for and how they are but yet everyone has a way of showing their individuality. I think it will bond the members closer together and create the family atmosphere when everyone plays together. I am looking forward to the stories planned and unplanned as the guild grows and how the rest of the community reacts seeing the group rolling in to town on their hoverbikes.
1. So our saloon is an active strip club and pub? Thoughts?

2. What caught your attention about us when you read our ad? Our Website?
1. My first thought is that I hope it is open 24 hours. But really you have to have a cool place to hang and a saloon works for me. What would a gang be without whiskey and strippers?

2. Mainly being a laid back group of hoverbike riders. I liked the whole gang idea and think that is a great base for many group activities.
1. So what are you thoughts on our focus on gray Rp?

2. What are you opinions on how we handle rule breaking?
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