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Full Version: [ALT] Thort (SOV)
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[Image: thort2-8-31.png]

The Basics
Race: Chua
Age: 35
Gender: Male?
Class: Spellslinger
Path: Explorer
Job: Scientist

The Appearance
Dark blonde/light brown fur coat, bushy ears and mustache, and green eyes--not that you'd be able to tell due to his massive eyebrows. Clearly forgetful or ignorant of leg days.

The Personality
Thort expresses his intelligence through humor and sarcasm. While he is quick-witted and a joker, he can get down to business like none other, especially when it comes to experimenting on things (or more appropriately, blowing things up). He sees Nexus as the ultimate test bench.

Talents/Strengths: Highly intelligent, innovative, curious, adventurous, beer.

Weaknesses: Klutz, lasers, food, beer.

The BackStory
Affiliations: DRED, Royal Collegium, ICI (on the side)
Quick Notes:
  • Thort is a bit of a mad scientist, collecting all bits of information as data points in some grand experiment. Self-trained as a healer due frequently blowing things up (himself and others included) and the ridiculously high cost of health insurance. He's curious and adventurous to a fault (many actually... whoops, he'll pay you back for that, maybe, probably not).


How did they Join the Gang?





RP History / Notes
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