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Full Version: September Guild Meeting
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The guild meeting will be held at 2pm PST / 5pm EST on Friday September 19th!

Discussion for this will be the guild's future, and what we all want to do. Please sign up and come in, communicate when you are available! We want to have as many people online as we can!
Count me in! Nights (EST) and weekends are ideal for me Smile
I'll be there if I'm able!
I will likely know more about when I can hold the event this Thursday!
Although I can't join in-game until I have my new computer, I can join on chat. I'm a bit reluctant to install Mumble in my work laptop, tho'
We'll hold the meeting on skype.
Has a time been determined yet? I will be on this weekend Smile
We will see if I can attend. My courses will decide.
I'll be there!
It's a little early for me, but work doesn't seem to be too heavy this week, so I'll be around.
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