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Full Version: Kanko "The Smiling Cat" Iharu
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Being a strict, no drama guild has its advantages. But I've yet to see one actually stop it from happening. The point is, with the rules around it in the way it is. Drama on an OOC scale won't be too much of a problem depending on how swiftly it's handled.

In the controlled community like this is, my only worry is actually the scenario of bringing in someone who isn't in the guild. People hear that and they think its a click, shunning the rest of the world. I don't want to go out of our way too involve others, but I don't want to ignore the rest of the world either.
Final question!

1. Have you read any of our blogs? If so which one speaks to you the most and why?


I have not, yet. I plan on it though when I'm done running my event on Wildstar-Roleplay.
Thank you Kanko, you are now up for consideration!
Welcome to the BlackSky, Prospect!

Welcome to the BlackSky Community prospect! Now that you have passed our initial phase of recruitment we suggest you take a moment if you have not already to Introduce Yourself! After that considered maybe starting work on your Character Jackets (profiles).

After that join in the fun on our boards consider joining us on Skype or Mumble for some fun chatter and discussion!


\o/ Yey!
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