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I was curious if we could get these forums connected to tapatalk. I use it for central and it makes things so much easier when browsing from my phone. It is free as far as the mod and tapatalk listing. I know I am not a member yet but figured it is worth asking as I am sure as we grow more people may use it as well.
Tapatalk is a definite possibility there is also mobile mybb. The downside is then you will not be able to access the chat at the top.
On the phone? Or it conflicts with the chat mod? Because personally, I am not worried on that feature because I really am not making use of it from my phone anyways.
So here is what I can do:

Install tapatalk but it costs 2.99 to users to get the app


Intall a mobile skin, this will remove to my knowledge the ability to use the chat box (I will need to test it).

What would you guys prefer?
If the tapatalk mod can be added to the forums without any other issues, I feel it can just be an option. I already paid for the app and use it so having this forums on the tapatalk list would be great. No one is forced to use it but if you have it or want to buy it would be there.
That works I'l toss it around with everyone else.
I think tapatalk looks cool; If it was an option for the forum I would buy it.
(05-30-2013 04:35 AM)The Defenestrator Wrote: [ -> ]I think tapatalk looks cool; If it was an option for the forum I would buy it.

Just to let you know, if you browse Wildstar Central, they are on tapatalk forum lists. That is where I browse the most at the moment on my phone.
And Tapatalk is now installed :3
Awesome, though I don't see you listed as of yet. But guess that takes a little time.

And thank you!
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