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Brandisch's Application - Brandisch - 08-20-2013 04:43 AM

About the Player
Main Character Name / Primary Alt Name: Hexxan
Enjin / WildStar Central Username: Brandisch
IM Contacts: Not something I hand out
What is your primary region / timezone and playtimes? EST
Are you eighteen or older? 17, hopefully that doesn't disqualify me.

Did you read and do you agree to abide by our Rules and Policy? yes

Where did you find us and why do we stand out? I saw your pages in the Wildstar wiki and what I saw piqued my interest

Would you like to join our Guild Skyp Group? And or the Guild Mailing List? Perhaps

What are your primary playstyles?
Most varieties of roleplay. I'm not quite shabby when it comes to dungeoning and PvP either.

About Roleplay
What is your roleplaying experience?
I've been roleplaying on and off since Burning Crusade

What are your primary Roleplay Limits?
None come to mind.

Are you okay with the R rated (content in our guild contains adult language, violent situations, partial nudity, narcotics) nature of our Roleplay? Nothing I'm unfamiliar with

What do IC Consequences mean to you? Would you be willing to deal with the consequences listed in our lore? Such as humiliation? OR even being beaten within an inch of life or worse? Depends on how into the character I am

Would you be willing to take consequences if your character left the Club or Agency and warranted them?

About the Character
NOTE: If you are unsure about a main character at this point, answer these questions as best you can to help us understand you a bit.
What faction is your character joining?
Tell us a bit about your character's personality, include three strengths and three weaknesses.
Hexxan is your standard Mechari, taking situations from a cold, calculating standpoint.
Strengths: Loyal, Calculating, Well versed in the art of mad science
Weaknesses: Not one to make friends, loyal to a fault, stubborn
What would your characters occupation or job within their faction? Are they employed by a guild business or have their own?
Hexxan would probably find home in a weapons lab of some sort
Why would this character join or become a Prospect of either the Malverines of the Sovereigns? Sovereigns

RE: Brandisch's Application - ShadowedSin - 08-20-2013 06:07 AM


So the next portion of our application process is our OOC interview, which is conducted here in the thread!

So let us begin!

First round:

1. What are your thoughts about conflict resolution and drama in general? In that regard what did you think of our rules?

2. We as a guild focus on building a sense of brotherhood and guild identity, and how to bring members closer together in our collective community. What are your thoughts on that?

RE: Brandisch's Application - Brandisch - 08-20-2013 06:28 AM

1. In character drama is alright if done properly, handled properly, and in the right amounts. I cannot say much of the same about OOC drama. Rules, dont have much I can say besides that they're reasonable.

2. Ive been around enough to say that a well knit community is a good community, and that focus would surely help with bringing a community together

RE: Brandisch's Application - ShadowedSin - 08-20-2013 09:37 AM

Next round!

1. Has freedom of character types, but we ask that characters have a strong tie to the guild before earning their full membership, and also follow our Character Standards, what are your thoughts on this?

2. We asked you about R rated content, your Rp limits and consequences. Can you tell me why these are important things to ask someone?

RE: Brandisch's Application - Brandisch - 08-20-2013 09:46 AM

1. Those seem like valid terms. I have nothing against them.
2. Ive seen roleplay affect people outside of the roleplay itself, and letting your limits and consequences help keep everything relatively friendly amoung the guild.

RE: Brandisch's Application - ShadowedSin - 08-20-2013 09:47 AM

Follow up to #1 in the first round.

1. So we have a pretty straight forward set of rules on lore and characters, you are okay with this?

Just for clarification.

RE: Brandisch's Application - Brandisch - 08-20-2013 09:57 AM

Of Course ^.^

RE: Brandisch's Application - ShadowedSin - 08-20-2013 10:27 AM

A few questions about guild leaders and members:

1. As a member what do you desire from a good guild leader? Give us some examples and let us know what a leader should bring to the table? What about officers?

2. Now what about members in return? What should they do to make the guild a better place?

RE: Brandisch's Application - Brandisch - 08-20-2013 10:38 AM

1. Leaders and Officers should be ones who lend a helping hand. In conjunction, they should be friends to others in the guild to uphold a welcoming feeling. In short, being friendly.
2. Members should be friends and family to people, guild members or otherwise. Welcoming people with open arms, etc.

RE: Brandisch's Application - ShadowedSin - 08-20-2013 11:08 AM

Lets talk a bit about the Lore of BSC:

1. What did you think of the united unbiased history?

2. What were your thoughts on the Sovereign Lore and the themes that we present for them?